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Clubcard - what's it all about?

My Clubcard Account

Clubcard Boost

Clubcard Perks

What are Clubcard Perks?
Clubcard Perks is our way of saying thank you for having a Clubcard.
Who qualifies for perks?
Anyone who has a Clubcard account. You just go to the Clubcard Perks tab and choose which Perk you would like to get.
Can I use perks in conjunction with other offers?
Sorry, no. They can't be used in conjunction with Clubcard Boost or any other discount, offer, scheme or promotion and cannot be exchanged in whole or part for cash.
Can I re-sell perks?
No. Perks cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way traded. Any violation of this could results in the cancellation of the violating customer's Clubcard account.
How do I get a perk?
Click on the tab titled 'Clubcard Perks' and select the perk you would like to get. The next page will contain details on how to get that perk.
Do I need to use my Clubcard vouchers to get a perk?
No, a perk does not require you to exchange your Clubcard vouchers. It is our way of saying thank you for having a Clubcard.
How do I get perks without a Clubcard?
Perks are only available to members of the Clubcard scheme, so whilst you do not need Clubcard vouchers to use perks, you do need to have a Clubcard.
Can Christmas savers take advantage?
Yes. Enjoying perks won't affect the points you're saving for Christmas.

Christmas Savers

Where can I view how much I have saved for Christmas so far?
Go to My Clubcard Account and you will be able to view vouchers saved so far, any top-up money you have put in and any bonus vouchers that you have qualified for.
What happens if I become a Christmas Saver and still receive Clubcard vouchers as usual?
If you happen to join when statements are already on their way, we might not have had enough time to register you as a Christmas Saver. If you take your Clubcard vouchers to the checkout, they will be re-credited to your account
I have Clubcard vouchers at home. Can I put them into the scheme?
If you have any valid Clubcard vouchers, these can also be taken to the checkout and used to top-up your savings. They will be treated in the same way as a cash top-up.
Where can I redeem my top-up and bonus vouchers?
When you top-up your saver balance at the till, the money will be sent in your November statement as top-up vouchers. Top-up and bonus vouchers can be redeemed in-store, online, on petrol or at Tesco direct. They cannot be redeemed on Clubcard Boost or on Boost at Tesco. The maximum amount you can top up is £360.
What happens if I decide I don't want to be a Christmas saver any more but I have already topped up?
If you opt out of the Christmas savers scheme and have topped up £50 or more in the current collection period (26/12/14 - 14/10/15) you will not receive a bonus in your November statement.
What happens if I'm an Avios or BA Miles customer?
You have to opt out of the Avios or BA Miles scheme if you wish to become a Christmas Saver. Go to My Clubcard account online, click on 'My Account Details' and select 'Options & Benefits' to opt out and then opt in to Christmas Savers.
Do I collect Clubcard points on money I top-up at the checkout?
Clubcard points are not collected on any top-ups.
How long are my top-up vouchers valid for?
Your top-up vouchers will expire after two years. But if you'd like to keep them for longer than this, then give us a call on 0800 591 688* or 0330 123 1688** Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm and Saturday: 9am to 6pm and we'll issue a gift card to the value of your vouchers.
* Free from BT landlines. Other providers vary. Calls may be recorded.
** Charged at local rate from mobiles and private telephones.