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Games for Learning 2 Year Membership + 2 Workbooks

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GridClub 2 year membership & activity pack token code
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Reward Information

Games for Learning 2 Year Membership + 2 Workbooks

Success at Key Stage 2: Improve your children's abilities with a 2 year membership to GridClub's educational website and activity pack that includes two English and Maths 48-page workbooks, designed to make learning fun and easy for 7-11 year olds.

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What you get

If you think that learning Maths, English and Science is boring, think again.

GridClub is one of the internet’s most fun and enjoyable ways for kids to expand their knowledge.

For just £17 in Clubcard vouchers, you can become a member of GridClub and combine online learning with traditional bookwork.

Success at Key Stage 2 provides an excellent learning resource for 7-11 year old children. Membership includes access to the website, which is crammed with hundreds of games and interactive activities for the core subjects, as well as Technology, Art, Music and languages. Raise your child's attainment in Key Stage 2 with our new activity pack, consisting of 2 colourful and stimulating 48-page workbooks, focussing on Maths and English activities.

GridClub has been recommended by teachers so you know it's reliable and it's loved by parents across the nation. It's safe and thoroughly rewarding; all activities are used with the National Curriculum as a base. It's even been sponsored by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and by Learning & Teaching Scotland, won a BAFTA for best Online Learning category, and was awarded an ISPA award for promoting internet safety to children.

With such a wealth of recognition and support, and with the backing of teachers and parents across the country, grab this learning experience with Clubcard vouchers and see what a difference it makes.

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1. Select the quantity of token codes you’d like using the basket on the right. Any change left over from your Clubcard vouchers will be added back into your Clubcard Account.

2. We’ll aim to send you two emails within 30 minutes – please note this may take longer due to additional security checks. One will be your order confirmation. The other will contain your token codes and instructions on how to use them.

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Customer Reviews & Ratings

Rated 5 Stars Based on 7 Reviews
  • Great purchase
    By Mumof123 Febuary 2015aged 35 to 44Female

    Excellent learning platform. Just a shame it doesnt fully work with the iPad due to needing flash. Not a grid club problem - the product is great and my reluctant son loves playing the games. More of an Apple problem. Grrr

    Date used : 20/01/2015
  • Grid Club Fun!
    By HaydockMum18 October 2013aged 35 to 44Female

    We purchased the online subscription and workbooks for my 9 year old son. The website contains lots of different games and he doesn't realise he's learning and playing at the same time! We use this in quick 10 minute slots so that he can play a couple of games even when you are tight for time. The workbooks are very colourful and easy to use. My son found some of the exercises really easy as they are targeted at 7-11 year olds but it was useful revision for him (and being a boy he enjoyed the fact they were easy and he gets them done quickly !!) I like the idea that the book doesn't seem to get harder as you progress through it ... Rather, it is easy to hard within the 2 page focus topics. This means my son doesn't get daunted as he goes through the book. Really good purchase using my vouchers :-)

    Date used : 17/10/2013
  • What a great Website and Workbooks!
    By AKTOP16 October 2013aged 35 to 44Female

    What a fabulous find! The GridClub Website is full of varied, fun, educational games - the children can almost forget they are learning at the same time. I would recommend this to any parent who would like a great resource to expand and support their children's learning, but especially one the children enjoy. The English and Maths workbooks work alongside very well to support the website content and range from the easy to the more challenging tasks.

    Date used : 10/10/2013
  • Brilliant
    By Ollimeg11 October 2013aged 17 or underFemale

    All us kids find it irresistible fun and it really helps with learning. This makes maths fun, we can't get enough. My older brother and sister used grid club when they were my age and I couldn't wait to get my own account! Dad said it was such a good deal with club card vouchers too.

    Date used : 04/10/2013
  • Great learning package for my kids
    By minion110 October 2013aged 35 to 44Female

    They love the variety of games on the website and don't realise that they are learning as they play. As a parent, I like the way that the books relate to the website's content, providing a complete resource for English and Maths skills at home and I'm sure that this will improve their work at school. Using Tesco Clubcard points makes this really good value and I will definitely tell my friends about GridClub!

    Date used : 03/10/2013

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Important info

• Annual membership to the GridClub gives you 48 month access to a fun website for children aged 5 to 12 years.

Full Terms & Conditions apply.

Terms & Conditions

• Tokens can only be used towards GridClub 2 year membership & activity pack.

• Grid Club token codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or vouchers.

• Token codes are valid for 6 months from issue.

•You must exchange your Clubcard vouchers for tokens, Clubcard vouchers will not be accepted by the supplier.

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• Unused, expired and redeemed token codes cannot be refunded, exchanged or returned. This does not affect your statutory rights.