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SEA LIFE Centres and Sanctuaries

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SEA LIFE Centres and Sanctuaries entry token for one person
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Reward Information

SEA LIFE Centres and Sanctuaries

Experience the watery world of a SEA LIFE centre – a Merlin Entertainments attraction. No wetsuit needed, you get the chance to come nose-to-nose with some of nature's predators, and other weird, colourful and amazing creatures.

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What you get

For £4.50 in Clubcard vouchers you can gain entry to one of the 10 SEA LIFE Centres and Sanctuaries in Britain and Ireland plus the Cornish and Scottish Seal Sanctuaries, two of the UK's busiest seal rescue centres and permanent home to a variety of seals and other animals.

Explore the amazing world beneath the waves, and go on a magical journey from lakes and rivers to coastal shallows and onwards to the deep ocean. Fascinating creatures of astonishing variety are revealed at every turn, from shrimps and starfish to seahorses, sharks and rays.

Each SEA LIFE centre is as immersive and informative as the last. The staff are all highly knowledgeable in every facet of marine life.

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2. We’ll post your tokens and details on how to use them within 5 working days of your order being placed.

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Customer Reviews & Ratings

Rated 4 Stars Based on 35 Reviews
  • great value using tesco vouchers
    By UKAPRIL13 November 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    We went at half term and it was very busy, we got there early and there was a long queue when we came out. Ou r 3 year old was fascinated and especially enjoyed the hands on section at the beginning. The displays were varied and interesting and the staff were great. Lots of steps so less suitable for pushchairs but these could be bypassed if you didn't mind missing out those displays. We spent a couple of hours there and it was a great use of our tesco vouchers.

    Date used : 27/10/2014
  • Good value for money
    By Sideshow12 November 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    We went to the Sealife Centre by the Trafford Centre in Manchester. With Clubcard vouchers it was good value for money, however, if we'd paid full price (which was 3 times more expensive) I would have said it was extremely overpriced. Its not a full day out - can easily be done in 2 hours. My 7 year old daughter enjoyed it tho.

    Date used : 28/10/2014
  • Fantastic place to go
    By Alycenwondland08 November 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    It was a very nice experience to go and celebrate my son's 7th bday in sea life Birmingham.This is our 4x we been here but the experience was brilliant seeing my son enjoying all the creature specially the 3d movie it was enjoyable not just for the kids but even for the adults.Thank you very much Tesco for this wonderfull day out.Happy Mum ;))

    Date used : 29/10/2014
  • great day out
    By beaver01 November 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    I took my son,daughter & 7 grandchildren ages 2 to 9. Everyone had a great time with plenty of things for all kids to do & look at. A photo was taken on entry which we baught at the exit as it is not very often we are all together.

    Date used : 29/10/2014
  • Great day out
    By Drifter02 October 2014aged 25 to 34Female

    Lovely day out, loads of seals at the cornwall sanctuary, including a rescued baby one. Otters, sea lions, penguins, ponies and sheep. Take pram in for little ones as abit of uphill and downhill to negotiate. The scheduled talks were good to understand animals backgrounds and current treatment programmes. Again good value with tesco boost tokens.

    Date used : 22/09/2014
  • Lovey day out
    By Zelda8526 September 2014aged 25 to 34Female

    We went on a Monday in September to the Weymouth Sealife Centre so it was nice and quiet. The park isn't large but they have a variety of tanks and displays including an interesting rock pool area where you can get your hands wet. The staff were knowledgable and we listened to the otter talk, sting ray talk and penguin talk. We didn't have time to do the tower but it was included in the ticket.

    Date used : 22/09/2014
  • Oh so worth it! Do it!
    By annh7117 September 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    We took our 2.5yr old to the Sealife at Weymouth in Dorset in September, I don't know who enjoyed it the most?! It was fab! Then the added bonus of receiving the tickets for the tower as well! Well worth it, going back to Dorset next year and will be grabbing these tickets again!!!

    Date used : 10/09/2014
  • Great Day Out
    By Ali3307 September 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    Visited Sea Life Centre near Oban. Great place for a slightly chilly, drizzly autumn day. A nice change to actually see all or most of the animals & creatures as opposed to when you go to a Zoo or Wild Life park and see a lot of what looks like "empty" cages? Seals and Otters well worth the visit, with informative commentary from the keepers, and plenty fish in the tanks, not just one or two. Nice woodland walks and carvings of animals and birds. Didn't use the play areas (shame-I'm too old for that now). Made use of the tea room also. Fully recommend a visit here.

    Date used : 06/09/2014
  • Great day out with the grandchildren
    By pip104 September 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    We took our five grandchildren to Sea Life centre in Birmingham & had a very enjoyable day. We wouldn't have been able to afford it without the Tesco vouchers. My only small criticism was that there was nowhere inside to eat a packed lunch & you had to walk through the whole place to go out with a stamp to allow you to sit outside to eat & return. It would have been much better if your hand could be stamped at the entrance & you were allowed out that way. The 4D "Happy Feet" was great, even though I did get wet!

    Date used : 02/09/2014
  • Fab day out!!!
    By Melons03 September 2014aged 25 to 34Female

    We had an amazing time at the sealife centre in Weymouth. I would highly recommend and we will definitely be returning next year

    Date used : 28/08/2014
  • Great Yarnmouth sea life centre
    By Roxy02 September 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    Staff were friendly and exhibits and fish etc. cared for and maintained well. Expensive if paying, great with vouchers! Lovely cafe afterwards.

    Date used : 12/08/2014
  • Too busy in the summer school holidays
    By JacMax30 August 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I took my son to the Birmingham Sea Life for the second time using a clubcard deal. The first time we went was last year at Feb half term or Easter and it wasn't too bad. The same can't be said for this visit. We had to queue for around 45 minutes and by the time we got to the ticket counter it was so overcrowded I could not face being dragged along in the tide of visitors. We went for a very early lunch at one of the nearby pubs, dragging it out in the hope that it would be a little less crowded. It was but not much. Taking into account the petrol, parking charges and lunch it was a very expensive experience for a couple of crowded hours. My advise would be to try and go out of the main school holidays unless you like queuing up for ages and being squashed in a crowd.

    Date used : 12/08/2014
  • Sealife centre entry vouchers
    By Tishtashtush29 August 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    These vouchers are a real money saver as the cost for one adult plus three children in extortionate! We went to the Birmingham centre and had a great day with no fuss upon presenting the vouchers, unlike some people who had to fuss over correct use of 2for1 entry...downside is you cannot prebook so had to wait an hour to get in as school holidays so busy. Ummmm, where next kids?

    Date used : 15/08/2014
  • Excellent!!
    By Karo26 August 2014aged 25 to 34Female

    Ordering vouchers was easy. I got them in the post within a week (as they say) and used them few days after. Great, pleasant, painless experience :) With Tesco vouchers we avoided the massive queue and went straight to the Priority Entrance what was a big bonus as it was very busy. Animals were great and we enjoyed the visit. Highly recommended!

    Date used : 19/08/2014
  • Great Day out Scarborough Sealife Centre
    By salix196523 August 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    Went to Scarborough Sealife Centre with my daughter, mum and 2 nieces (ages 8,9 and 13) we all had a great time with so much to see and do. The two youngest thoroughly enjoyed the Gold prospecting and the feeding of the Stingrays and Sharks. The staff were all very friendly and helpful!!

    Date used : 19/08/2014
  • Excellent
    By Pete8420 August 2014aged 25 to 34Male

    A great day out and excellent service once again from Tesco Clubcard.

    Date used : 06/08/2014
  • Manchester Sea Life
    By janelibrarian20 August 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    Truly not worth the entrance fee - especially as they charge the same price for children over 3 as an adult ticket. Manchester Sea Life is quite small and whilst it is interesting and my 5 year-old really enjoyed it I would only ever go there using my Club Card tokens. With the tokens it is then good value. There is no cafe but you are allowed to leave then come back as many times as you like. We went into the Trafford Centre to John Lewis for lunch (although there is a cafe in Barton Square near Sea Life). My son wasn't bothered about going back again afterwards, though. A nice trip but only worthwhile if using Club Card Vouchers. Otherwise a very expensive day out - it doesn't take very long at all to walk around all the exhibits.

    Date used : 10/08/2014
  • best day out
    By annras20 August 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    We went to the Scarborough sea life center .we spent over 4 hrs there it took us that long to see every thing that was on on that day.and it was brilliant value for money even more so as we got our,s from our club card vouchers. So with the money we saved we got our pictures taken at the center which are realy good. The food was very reasonably priced. so the day was a great success and would recommend it to all.but do get there early can be busy

    Date used : 06/08/2014
  • Excellent use of Tesco vouchers
    By Danni18 August 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    We visited Sea Life Birmingham on a very wet Sunday morning. We are a family with 2 kids (4yrs & 18 months). With the Tesco vouchers we avoided queuing in the rain and went straight through the prepaid ticket entrance. It was very busy but the variety of animals on show meant that people moved along fairly quickly. It's very well laid out and very accessible for pushchairs. We took a packed lunch and the only let down was the limited seating area inside the centre. If the weather had been dry we would have had plenty of outdoor space to sit and eat in the square. The re-entry policy is also excellent! We got stamped on leaving the shop and re-entered at the main entrance, to see everything again! Thank you Tesco for a great day out!!!

    Date used : 10/08/2014
  • Excellent value
    By Rooandbear17 August 2014aged 25 to 34Female

    We were very happy with our trip to sea life centre Birmingham. We arrived early and were at the front of the queue. We missed ALL of the talks and got hustled through the shark tunnel by the crowds but this is the peril of choosing Birmingham. Not a lengthy experience but well worth a visit. Might recommend doing it with something else or visiting a coastal location.

    Date used : 12/08/2014
  • Weymouth Sealife
    By JBirmingham12 August 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    Completely free day out, we even got to jump the queue and go through the prepaid entrance. Plenty to do at Weymouth Sealife, much better than the Birmingham one. Even the rides were free.

    Date used : 05/08/2014
  • Great family day out
    By Littleone11 August 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    We purchased 4 tickets using our Tesco's clubcard vouchers and were thrilled to save so much. We had a fantastic time at Weymouth Sealife Centre, the park was very busy but never felt overcrowded. The children had a great time playing in the splash park and thoroughly enjoyed stamping their Sealife Centre passports as each zone. A great family day out!

    Date used : 01/08/2014
  • A little disappointing
    By mumoftwo0210 August 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    Quite crowded and a short journey. We used Tesco vouchers--if we paid the normal price, it would have certainly not been a worthwhile experience.

    Date used : 01/08/2014
  • Gweek Seal Sanctuary
    By elainew28 July 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    I've been to the sanctuary several times with my family using Tesco vouchers, and enjoyed every visit. The sanctuary has several informative feeding sessions throughout the day which add to the interest and fills in the time ( if you just walked round looking on your own you would be finished in a couple of hours) My daughters always love watching the seals and penguins ( and trying to spot the otters). The only grumble my children have is that the walk to the toilets is a long one up hill on a hot day! The staff were all helpful and polite.

    Date used : 15/07/2014
  • Weymouth sealife centre
    By Lynnewith3boys23 July 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    I wouldn't pay the full price but the Tesco vouchers made it a cheap day out. All three of my children, 1,1 and 4 enjoyed it. They are running an octonauts promotion where they get to meet/photos with the characters throughout the day. I was surprised there was enough to keep us occupied throughout the day. I would say you need a dry day really as a lot outdoors, on a plus there were quite a few childrens rides included. There is also a toddler pool and splash park with fountains etc. I'd say 2 to 7 year old would love this day out and enjoy all aspects. Food in main café very slow but plenty of covered and outdoor picnic benches and you can go in/out to your car so id take a picnic. Also masses of parking, you have to pay but its on the doorstep.

    Date used : 18/07/2014
  • Really good value
    By Leslels02 May 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    We took our 3yr old grand-daughter to Weymouth Sea Life, good value with Tesco vouchers expensive without them! The fish displays are interesting and their tanks clean. There is plenty of information on show, if you are given time to read them young children permitting! We did not realise that these vouchers also included the ride on the Tower behind the Pavillion. We spent an interesting 3 hours at the park, a picnic on the beach and then took their land train to the Tower. This was not included in the price but was not bad at £1.50 each way and a nice trip along the sea front. On a clear day the views are good from the Tower, if not you have 2 weeks to use the tickets. Previous comments have said the parking is expensive but at £5 for all day it is convenient if you have children with you (no carrying the picnic around). The park and ride is £3 all day. We will go again as long as there are Tesco vouchers available!

    Date used : 30/04/2014
  • Great day out
    By Murdigs19 March 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    Family of 5 went to Weymouth and had a fantastic time, the children loved the outdoor waterpark (take swimming togs with you) the fun fair is also great and they too loved the rollercoaster, pirate ship etc. Able to hold a wide variety of sea life including a massive crab! Penguin feeding time was also worth the mad rush if not a little smelly for my liking!! A fantastic day out on the cheap with Tesco's thank you.

  • Good day out had by all
    By Flomum21 Febuary 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    I took my 5 and 8 year old children to Sea Life at Brighton over half-term. There was no queue to get in and the Tesco vouchers were accepted without question. It isn't huge, but we had a fun 4.5 hours there and bearing in mind it was half-term it was acceptably busy but not crazy. Make sure you ask for a free quiz book as you go in and then collect the stamps as you walk round. It makes for a nice souvenir and you are given a free badge from the gift shop. The children enjoyed stroking starfish and sea anemone, seeing a great selection of fish, some of which were impressively large, making a jellyfish from a paper plate and strips of coloured paper (a free activity for half-term) and walking through the ocean tunnel. My 8 year old loves "information tours" and wanted to go on the 20 minute "Behind The Scenes" tour, but my 5 year old didn't. Amazingly, Sea Life were happy to allow her to go on the tour on her own. Thank you Sea Life for being so relaxed about this! For £1.50 for a child's ticket she absolutely loved seeing how the tanks were cleaned, baby seahorses were looked after etc. You need to book the tours and also the glass bottomed boat at the café till. During the school holidays do this sooner rather than later as only single boat tickets were available by 2.30pm. Amazingly Sea Life would have let my 5 year old go on his own but he wasn't quite brave enough! The boat is rather limp being pulled over on a rope across a pool, but 5 year old was still disappointed not to go. Check it out before you spend your money on this extra. The shop (which you have to go through to exit) stocks the usual over-priced key rings, soft toys etc, so my tip would be to tell your children in advance that you won't be buying anything. All in all, great value and definitely to be recommended. The children also enjoyed messing about on the pebble beach and I treated them to a trip on the Brighton Wheel, which we nicknamed the "Baby London Eye".

    Date used : 21/02/2014
  • Great 1/2 Day Out
    By Cdsimmo14 August 2013aged 25 to 34Female

    Cheap day out and the kids absolutely loved it....

  • great buy
    By anon220 June 2013aged 35 to 44Female

    I think that the sea life centres are very over priced for what you get, but my boys like them, so being able to purchase these vouchers is brilliant and makes for a less expensive day out.

  • Excellent day out
    By Lolly19 June 2013aged 35 to 44Female

    I used my voucher at the Sea Life centre in Scarborough and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. There was no problems using the voucher and staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. There was a variety of 'talks' by the staff on the various animals and creatures, along with some feeding sessions to watch and even a hands-on area. I think this is well worth the clubcard vouchers.

    Date used : 10/06/2013
  • Cannot pre-book
    By tortie18 June 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    I haven't used the vouchers yet, but wanted to pre-book as travelling a fair distance to centre, however was told I couldn't pre-book with Tesco vouchers and just to turn up on the day.........so watch this space! I am not happy about not being able to pre-book and plan the whole day out as our treat involves a hotel stay also.

  • great day out
    By Nanny17 June 2013aged 65 or overFemale

    I went to the Sealife centre with my daughter and granddaughters aged 6yrs (twins) and 20 months we had a great time the kids loved it. The staff were great and were happy to answer any questions they all had a great deal of knowledge and were very good with the children. My granddaughters were so proud that they actually touched a starfish and got a medal. Only negative was the restaurant the food was not very good.

  • No good for london
    By LCLC27 May 2013aged 25 to 34Female

    I agree with the above post- i also got these for the london aquarium-it does not mention this in the "fine print" section, but if you click on full terms and conditions it then tells you they cant be used in London. I really think this should be mentioned as a bullet under fine print as i would imagine lots of people will make this mistake. Thankfully i will be able to use them in another centre as otherwise they would be wasted.

    Date used : 27/05/2013
  • do not get if u want to go london
    By mac8625 May 2013aged 25 to 34Female

    This reward does not include the london aquarium even though the sea life link includes london. Please don't waste your vouchers like I had to!

    Date used : 20/05/2013

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