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Good Housekeeping Magazine

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Good Housekeeping Magazine Annual Subscription token code
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Reward Information

Good Housekeeping Magazine

Ladies, pick up a year's worth of Good Housekeeping Magazine when you use Clubcard vouchers. Good Housekeeping is the women's magazine focusing on every facet of home life, from health and beauty tips to consumer advice.

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We’ll send an email to your Tesco.com address. This will contain the token code to start your subscription. Once your subscription has been set up, you’ll receive your magazine through the post.

What you get

Good Housekeeping is a lady's lifestyle, health and beauty magazine which also touches on practical information like consumer advice. From suggesting how best to handle a divorce, to keeping your kids - of all ages - safe online, Good Housekeeping knows how to look after its readership. You could benefit from such useful advice by subscribing to a year's worth of Good Housekeeping just by using Clubcard vouchers. Simply exchange £15.50 in Clubcard vouchers and the magazine token code will be sent to you.

With Good Housekeeping, you get a really pragmatic approach to leading a sensible life, the GH team even compile a Tried and Tested section where they see what works and what doesn't before you buy it. Need new jeans? Let the Tried and Tested team tell you which ones to go for, and which to avoid.

How to place your order

1. Select the quantity of token codes you’d like using the basket on the right. Any change left over from your Clubcard vouchers will be added back into your Clubcard Account.

2. We’ll aim to send you two emails within 30 minutes – please note this may take longer due to additional security checks. One will be your order confirmation. The other will contain your token codes and instructions on how to use them.

3. Then, simply follow the instructions in your email. Once your subscription has been set up with the publisher, they will send the magazines by post.

Additional information

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Customer Reviews & Ratings

Rated 4 Stars Based on 39 Reviews
  • Great Magazine
    By Lillian11 April 2015aged 55 to 64Female

    I have been using my club card vouchers for a few years to buy my subscription to Good House Keeping it is very easy to apply and I never have any problems

    Date used : 10/03/2015
  • A good birthday present
    By headbrash15 March 2015aged 55 to 64Female

    I have been given this present to my mother-in-law for three years and she thoroughly enjoys them.

    Date used : 15/03/2015
  • Useful way to use clubcard points
    By Happiness06 March 2015aged 45 to 54Female

    I think this way is a quick & easy way to get your regular magazines delivered to your door before they appear in the shops. Used this method for the last 3 years which included a house move & have never had a problem receiving a copy.

    Date used : 11/02/2015
  • Good service !
    By pkmj30 December 2014

    I ordered G H Mag as a gift , i found the order form strange because i did not want the person to find out in advance , but by using my email address for myself and my friend i managed to do this . The service was great even when i made a mistake in the house number and had to contact the company it was sorted without fuss. My friend has received her first mag and it is 3 days before it is due on sale in the shops . I will be using this service again .

    Date used : 30/12/2014
  • Major headache
    By Nesbit17 December 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I applied for GH mag for a friend for a gift. The exchanging of vouchers for the link from Tesco was easy and straightforward, so I have no problems there. The issues were with Hearst Magazines!! The email link from them was not clear and I could not enter the recipient details so I telephoned them, and I phoned and I phoned....... The whole procedure took over 2 weeks, I held on the phone, at my expense for almost 2 hours in total and ended up having to get a manager on the case. It was a case of every individual in the customers services dept not doing a simple job of inputting the information I give them and not bothering to call back. When someone finally did confirm the order was on their system, it transpired it was for Prima magazine, at which point I almost lost it!!! Appalling customer service from Hearst, and I shall not be repeating the exercise. No problems with Tesco regarding this. In fact, I also did a BBC publication with them for my son and it was a doddle!

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Exchange:£15.50 in Clubcard vouchers

Receive:Good Housekeeping Magazine Annual Subscription token code

Important info

• Subscription is for 12 months (issue terms may vary) from issue date.

• Tokens are not valid for purchase of individual magazines and are for 12 months’ subscription only.

Full Terms & Conditions apply.

Terms & Conditions

• Subscription is for 12 months (issue terms may vary) from issue date.

• Token codes are not valid for purchase of individual magazines and are for 12 months’ subscription only.

• The subscription may not include promotional items packaged with the magazine.

• Offer valid for UK subscriptions only; which includes Northern Ireland, but excludes BFPO addresses.

• Token codes are valid for 6 months from issue.

•You must exchange your Clubcard vouchers for token codes, Clubcard vouchers will not be accepted by the supplier.

•Token codes are not transferable.

• All standard Tesco.com and Clubcard scheme terms and conditions apply, these can be found on the website.

• Unused, expired and redeemed token codes cannot be refunded, exchanged or returned. This does not affect your statutory rights.