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Get Avios with your Clubcard vouchers and begin your next adventure. Flights, hotels, theme parks, days out or holidays: they’re all available.

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What you get

Turn your everyday shopping into something more exciting with Avios, the travel rewards points that take you places. Simply exchange your Tesco Clubcard vouchers for Avios and your fruit and veg could become airline tickets.

Whatever you're saving for, be it a flight to Rome, a trip to Madame Tussauds or Disneyland Paris by Eurostar, or even just a weekend away at a luxury hotel, Avios can get you there quickly.

Just shop as normal at Tesco with your Clubcard and then exchange your vouchers using the basket tool (every £2.50 of vouchers gets you 600 Avios).

How to place your order

1. Choose how much in Clubcard vouchers you’d like to exchange using the basket on the right. Any change left over from your Clubcard vouchers will be added back into your Clubcard Account.

2. Avios will be credited to your account within 28 days.

- If you’re an existing Avios account holder the Avios will be credited to your existing account.

- If you’re a new Avios customer a new account will be opened for you and within 21 days you’ll receive a New Joiner’s Pack.

Note: You can automatically convert your Clubcard Points into Avios by signing up to your 'My Clubcard Account' and ticking the box to opt in the 'My Preferences' page, under 'My Account Details'.

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Customer Reviews & Ratings

Rated 3 Stars Based on 101 Reviews
  • Car Hire is a Dream
    By Holdfast30 April 2015aged 65 or overMale

    Within the last 12 months I have booked car hire using Avios Points. The first time was in Malta and the second time in the UK, on both occasions this was carried out on my iPhone, it was seamless. On one occasion I needed some clarification on the car hire in Malta, I contacted Avios and spoke to a lady who answered my query in a polite and friendly manner, I was impressed. Well done Avios.

    Date used : 28/04/2015
  • Ok-ish
    By Jmay09 April 2015aged 45 to 54Female

    Tried to book 3 flights to Orlando in the Easter holiday, no chance! I tried well in advance online but there was absolutely no availability. I telephoned Avios to see if they could get me a flight but was told there was no way I'd get flights during the school holidays as they were too popular so Avios wouldn't offer them. She didn't even need to check, just incase, as she knew there wouldn't be any. I booked the hotel instead, which was great. So I'd recommend Avios for accommodation, but not flights if you want them during school holidays.

    Date used : 09/04/2015
  • Avios staff are brilliant
    By kimberleyw04 Febuary 2015aged 55 to 64Female

    A gentleman in the Avios Team named Norman was most helpful in helping me to booking a week away in Fuerteventura. We had a brilliant time and as Norman had requested a quiet, high room with sea view it was perfect. Thank you Norman ! We also had a lovely lady in the Avios Dept do our advanced passenger information for us as we couldn't log in. Brilliant staff well done Avios.

    Date used : 24/01/2015
  • good and bad
    By smart02 Febuary 2015aged 55 to 64Female

    Avious staff where great could not have been anymore helpful after British Airways change of time even though their hands where tide. We booked our flights to Cyprus 10 months in advance as we need to have connecting flights from Scotland we managed to get flights without over night stay in London on our return . That was until British Airways changed the return flight back from Cyprus to London ( by 8 hours) arriving to late for our booked fight back up and also for last flight up to Scotland We had a choice we could come home a day earlier and stay overnight or come back on our day and stay overnight going back to work a day later and all this was to be at our expense Not BRITISH AIRWAYS. It gets better they changed fight times out by 3 hours from London but never changed ours from Scotland or informed us It was Avios staff that noticed and phoned to ask us if we wish our time going down to be later . When phoned to complain to British Airways it was We could not careless. Would Never Recommend BA again to anyone Used to but not know

  • unlucky me
    By Laraine06 January 2015aged 55 to 64Female

    unlike a review ive just read I had to cancel my holiday due to having a very large DVT 7 days before my trip. My insurance gave me the full payment back, my car parking at birmingham gave me a full refund . However Avios took nearly 11000 points as a cancellation for 2 night booking at a hotel in Dubai. We always use them for additional nights whilst travelling overseas and was absolutely dumfounded that the loss was so great AND a £35.00 paperwork charge. So lucky you if they were more helpful

    Date used : 01/10/2014
  • Avios Staff are Brilliant
    By Jiver20 November 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    We are a retired couple and were spending the winter months in Spain, having travelled with our car by ferry from Plymouth to Santander and driven to the Spanish Costas in the south. On our return trip we had planned to spend a week visiting several of Spain's beautiful cities and had booked hotels at each using our avios points. Unfortunately three weeks before the end of our trip our car was stolen and that was the last we ever saw of it. We had to book short notice flights back to the UK and also contact avios cancelling the hotel bookings. At first avios informed us that we would lose a considerable amount of the points we had used to book the hotels but later contacted us to say that as it was not our fault that we had to cancel, they would as a good will gesture restore the total amount of points we had used as well as contacting each hotel to make the cancellation. What company could be fairer than that?

    Date used : 20/11/2014
  • Travel to and from Irfeland so much better
    By Rujo04 November 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    Since saving all my Tesco points to Avios my daughter, who lives and works in Belfast, has been able to travel to Cairnryan with P & O Ferries. It has cost nothing with her car and dog twice a year - a saving of hundreds of pounds. So thank you Tesco for providing this valuable link.

    Date used : 04/11/2014
  • Thank you Avios and Tesco
    By Cel5621 September 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    I used to use my Tesco points to buy Monarch holidays but found that they just put up the price compared to buying for cash online, so you actually hardly make any savings! Like many others here when first converting from Tesco club card to Avios had a few issues with vanishing points but the staff are so helpful it was soon sorted. Since then I have bought 4 flights to Jersey, 2 to Munich + plus hotel overnight + 9 days car hire with Avis all for my free Tesco vouchers (a no brainer to me) especially as all the supermarkets are doing the price comparison and to top it all Tesco are doing the fuel savings. With super saver flights to Europe for £35 that's cheaper than the low cost airlines! And the Avios staff are so unbelievably helpful I just can't thank Tesco and Avios enough, long may it continue.

    Date used : 28/08/2014
  • Brilliant idea & Excellent Customer Service
    By 07 September 2014aged 25 to 34Female

    Like a few people, it seemed that my points has not gone to my existing Avios account, but on confirming with Tesco Clubcard that the request was sent over to Avios, and in turn speaking to the Avios Customer Care Team, they were able to confirm that they had accidentally set up a new account and my points were there! They also find another old account that had a few points in and managed to transfer them all to my main account without any hassle or question! Please speak to Avios if your points do not appear within 28days - they are super friendly and very helpful!

    Date used : 07/09/2014
  • Vanishing points
    By Shugster18 August 2014aged 45 to 54Male

    Club card shows points transferred to Avios, ...Avios shows no points transfered from Clubcard, they seem to vanish into the ether, the websites lead you round in circles, and then back to each other. Online help is poor, and unable to email to sort it, have to spend hours playing press the button with telephone machines. Really disappointing

    Date used : 18/08/2014
  • Brilliant
    By Collywobbles01 August 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    We have worked hard for many years and now in our late 60s are about to retire. Avios has been a godsend to visit our overseas family as well as have some great relaxing holidays. When it changed form Airmiles to Avios there were teething problems but the Avios staff are very helpful and do their best to answer any queries. Thankyou Tesco and thankyou Avios.

    Date used : 06/06/2014
  • was in this program
    By tommyfin30 July 2014aged 35 to 44Male

    i never got the avios im very disappointed i earned points but my avios account still 0 so very strange to loose points like this

  • Best of the Best of the Bests!!!!!!!!!!
    By Kolobok08 July 2014aged 35 to 44Male

    I can't say "thanks" enough for Tesco, who significantly changed my life by this offer!! I had dream for many years to fly once in Business Class... Dream... I never been buying ticket for £2500... It is impossible to collect so many Avios only by flying with airline... Tesco changed it!! I am now flown in not only in British Airways Business Class, but also once in FIRST!! This been possible only because of Tesco Avios offer. Many thank you Tesco! You turned my dream to true!!!! I am now always fly Business Class with your offer. Many thanks again!

    Date used : 08/07/2014
  • Expanding your horizons for very little
    By davott21 May 2014aged 55 to 64Male

    I joined AirMiles, now Avios, at its inception. Our very first trip, in the early 90s, was to Los Angeles for the four of us. When Tesco joined the scheme I was over the moon. We have had free flights every year for ten years to our holiday home in Phoenix, and since the change whereby you pay the taxes, have used them to upgrade to business class. We have had endless trips to Europe for holidays or weekend breaks, used them with Virgin Holidays (before the restrictions were introduced) to have a holiday lasting six weeks in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand , and another one in Singapore and Bali, and last year flew to Buenos Aires in business class, and back from Santiago de Chile to Madrid, and a three week trip to Mauritius. We also took up an Avios deal some years back whereby we got two free tickets to Hong Kong on Avios and got two more for our children on a buy one Avios flight get one free deal. So far this year we have all flown to Gibraltar with Avios and have three business class seats to Paphos booked for August. I still have over 200,000 Avios in my account ready to book our Phoenix trip later in the year. All my Avios are collected in Tesco and by using my Tesco Clubcard Credit card - and I never buy anything I don't want unless I get more in Avios value out of it than the price demanded. Avios and Tesco have enabled my family to see the world when we otherwise would have been more restricted in our travels.

    Date used : 19/04/2014
  • Thank you Tesco for The gift of Avios
    By Traveladdict08 May 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I find it's better to book a cheap flight through one of the low cost airlines and use your Avios to pay for the hotels. Last year it was a special birthday so I booked four cheap flights to Bangkok and used my Avios to pay for the hotel rooms, because of this we were able to choose the best rooms in the best hotels at each of our destinations and the holiday only cost £1992 for a family of 2adults and 2 teenagers. Once you're in Asia food, drink and travel is peanuts. We would never have been able to do this holiday any other way, it was fantastic. I think Avios is a great thing to spend your clubcard vouchers on (but then so are the restaurant vouchers, oh what to choose!)

    Date used : 08/05/2014
  • Research more research & be flexible
    By Andi31208 April 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    You must do your homework. If you want to fly to Florida in the Summer holidays you either have to book very early, or think about your route and be flexible with your route and dates. The Airlines are not going to give you a £1000 ticket for £200 in Clubcard points. We are going this August for 3 weeks, booked last October straight across pond to Orlando I looked the other week and you could still get to Florida and back(Tampa Orlando) by firstly flying to New York, then with American Airlines down to Tampa this August, ok added 5 hours to journey and cost an extra 5000 avios person We also use Avios for flying to with Monarch, 3 of us this Easter to Dalaman 60,000 Avios plus £105 can't argue with that.

  • Avios bonus long overdue
    By SWANBUCK201 April 2014aged 55 to 64Male

    I have successfully used avios on a number of european flights for my family without any problems. I noticed that avios recently ran a promotion of free extra miles when you buy them directly. If avios are giving away extra miles, why hasn't Tesco run any sort of avios promotion. I think one is long overdue.

    Date used : 22/08/2013
  • Occasional treats!
    By Mummastan01 April 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    I don`t get a huge number of Clubcard points but I once got my husband and I return flights and car hire for a week in Portugal for nothing with Airmiles. Have just booked again with Avios and have return flights for £35 taxes each, and paid a very reasonable car hire price and got some extra Avios points. I still regard this as a treat and we shall have a very reasonable out of season break for a week. When you are a pensioner this is very much appreciated, thanks.

    Date used : 31/03/2014
  • Had no problems on European flights
    By Happilyretired28 March 2014aged 55 to 64Male

    Before retiring I always used my regular long-haul points for flights within Europe and it's good value. I did London City to Amsterdam return last year in Business Class for £50. That included using the lounge at Schiphol and they even got me on an earlier flight back without any hassle or charges when my travel plans changed - unbeatable! Now I don't do the long flights much but converting Clubcard points to Avios is a very good alternative. The only real glitch I've found is when you need to book a multi-city trip because the simple booking option doesn't offer any Avios discounts - I'm raising this with BA at the moment. To use Avios to reduce the fares you need to book separate one-way flights out and back. In fact I've just done that. The two tickets worked out less that the total fare on the BA website's multi-city booking option plus I got an additional £30 off for 4500 Avios - that's about a 40% gain on the face value of the Clubcard points to make a total saving on the whole trip of just under £40.

    Date used : 28/03/2014
  • Friendly staff but over priced
    By ise6724 March 2014aged 45 to 54Male

    I recently booked 1 adult & 1 child to Disneyland on Euro Star. The web site says prices start from 12,500 (9,000 to Paris). The actual cost was 35,500 for both. When I asked why, I was told it was school holidays! Why when other train company's don't increase the price when it's shool holidays. The staff I spoke to was very helpful and spent quite a while on the phone looking for the best time and date to travel It has certainly gone down hill since it was taken over from BA

    Date used : 24/03/2014
  • difficult to access site to exchange vouchers
    By sheila201228 Febuary 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    I agree with writer of 15th Feb. it is not the easiest site to get into, it should be made more simple I find it hard to actually find the Avios page to change my vouchers. Furthermore I find it even more difficult on the Avios site to try and book a holiday.

    Date used : 28/02/2014
  • Help for the person who wrote the last review
    By candy20 Febuary 2014aged 18 to 24Female

    Things sometimes go wrong..... I exchanged my clubcard vouchers to avios and it appeared in my avios account the next day. However my brother did exactly the same about 1yr+ ago and it never appeared in his account. He made a phone call to them and it turned out they had opened another avios account for him ! 2 days after his phone call all the exchanged vouchers appeared as avios in his longstanding avios account.

    Date used : 31/01/2014
  • Avios
    By Marts20 Febuary 2014aged 55 to 64Male

    never liked the change from airmiles seemed like an opportunity to change T'c and C's and nose dive in popularity

    Date used : 18/05/2013
  • Avios staff really helped me
    By HappyScot20 Febuary 2014aged 55 to 64Male

    Initially had problem with reclaiming flights and seeing points for converted Tesco vouchers in my Avios account, but on speaking to Avios staff they found I had 4 accounts (Avios,Tesco.BA Executive,old RBS account) and sorted problem by linking them together.2days ago looked and found flights at decent times I wanted from Aberdeen to Switzerland, had only enough points for one way, so logged onto my Tesco account and converted enough vouchers to make it a return(Avios points required divided by 240=value of Tesco vouchers required - simple!) Points for these added to my Avios account today, so have just booked my flights with only taxes to pay. From now on will be using Tesco vouchers for Avios - so more trips away!. Avios staff are really easy to speak to and extremely efficient in sorting problem or answering questions.

    Date used : 20/02/2014
  • very hard to do the exchange to avios
    By 15 Febuary 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I find very hard to change Clubcard vouchers form Tesco to Avios, it is not clear and it is very stressful, I have done two times and still do not apperared in my avios acounts.

    Date used : 15/02/2014
  • always been good to me!
    By kaztaz06 Febuary 2014

    I have been so many places using these airmiles! just booked 4 return flights to Madrid for £140 total bit of a no brainer to me, mind you I don't know how the other systems compare to this

  • No Flights Available
    By daily31search05 Febuary 2014aged 65 or overMale

    I searched on a daily basis for over 35 days looking for return flights to Berlin or Prague and found it virtually impossible to get dates even 11 months in advance. In the end I had to take dates that did not really suit just to use my Avios points up. I will be reluctant in the future to change my Tesco vouchers for Avios points when very little flights are being made available. It is just too much time wasting and putting yourself to a lot of bother for no real benefit.

    Date used : 30/01/2014
  • Need to do your homework for good flights
    By Sr150030 January 2014aged 45 to 54Male

    3 of us flying to Orlando beginning of August Total cash prce for taxes etc £680 plus 165,000 Avios. Availability found using QANTAS's website Manchester Dublin Dublin Orlando. (Aer Lingus) Which is more convenient for us than getting down to London

  • Great hotels
    By Flea16 January 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    We used our points for trains and hotels in Europe. In both hotels, which suited us well, we were treated very kindly and politely. We couldn't use them for Eurostar in one direction, which was a nuisance but we went from Milan to Paris (I think). 4 nights in Paris in a boutique hotel can't be bad.

    Date used : 26/07/2013
  • Bargain European Flights
    By fraserjrb14 January 2014aged 35 to 44Male

    I have just secured flights from Glasgow to Amsterdam via London for the bargain price of 9,000 Avios plus £1. A great deal that I was able to take advantage of simply by shopping in Tesco and converting my Clubcard vouchers. The connections from Glasgow to London are free which is a bonus. Will be heading to Copenhagen later in the year also (9,000 Avios plus £35). Again free connecting flights to London.

    Date used : 13/01/2014
  • Going back to coupons
    By Cloudybutbright03 January 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I used airmiles to fly to Arizona in 2010, at least I used part airmiles and paid about £175 pounds in cash. This included everything. I know that everything has increased in price since then but this year to fly to Boston with Avios it cost me £435 just for taxes and fees with 40,000 Avios used as well. I've just booked a flight to New York with a travel company and it cost me £521 all in. From this I just can't understand how they can say that Avios is better than airmiles used to be. I actually wanted to go to Seattle but it was impossible to get a seat when I wanted it. I'll use up what I've got but after that I'm not interested.

  • Absolute Rubbish
    By meechangp27 December 2013

    Since moving from Airmiles, Avios has proved to be a disaster.

  • Dont bother changing up your vouchers its a waste
    By Barbie21 December 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    I have been trying to use up 195,000 avios points for the last year for four people. I can never get four seats on the same flight let alone anywhere near the dates we can travel. I am a teacher and have to travel in the schools holidays, but there is never any availabilty in July and August. I have tried to revert my points to clubcard, but this isnt allowed either. Think hard before usnig Avios its been nothing, but a disappointment and a waste of two years vouchers. If you can travel anytime and just want a couple of nights away in Paris it seems to work, but otherwise dont bother.

    Date used : 21/12/2013
  • Buyer Beware
    By Qawra01 December 2013aged 45 to 54

    When Airmiles changed over to Avios they clearly stated it was going to be a good thing for their passengers. To start with they stated that you would have many more airlines to choose from and not just BA but this is not the case as when I tried to book flights with BA's partner Iberia I was informed that only BA flights were available using only avios points - so no extra airlines available as stated. Then there is the fees, which were stated as you will pay only £27 but this has steadily gone up by 30% to £35 per return flight with an additional £10 each way if you wish book your seat which is over three times the price that most other airlines charge. Definitely not as described pre-launch. As there is poor availability - Ever increasing fees - No other airlines available unless you pay even more fees - Excessive seat booking fee. On long-haul flights the fees are so high that they are almost the same price as a full price seat from many other airlines. How is this all an improvement on the totally free flights on the Airmiles system.

  • Great for long haul upgrade
    By Oscar4430 November 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    Used for upgrading to business class to Las Vegas. Couldn't have afforded to pay cash for this class. Tried via website but had problem as flying from Edinburgh and website only showed flights Edinburgh to Gatwick and then Heathrow to Las Vegas, which meant we would have to change airports in London. Phoned and very friendly operator sorted it all out so that we didn't have to change airports. Easy to do just pay cash for lower class and you can upgrade to next class with Avios, just need to pay difference in taxes. Bonus was that we qualified for extra Avios and Tier points as well. Would definitely use in same way again.

    Date used : 01/10/2013
  • Use Avios For Hotels
    By RugbyFan28 November 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    I have used Avios a couple of times now for an overnight stay in Paris for the rugby Internationals. This time I included Eurostar and the Avios meant I could afford the trip! I wouldn't use them for long haul flights but Europe and hotel only deals are great!

    Date used : 20/11/2013
  • Rubbish
    By Earthbound27 November 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    Impossible to book flights in school holidays even 11 months ahead; conflicting advice when telephoning; hotel exchange rate very poor - barely more than the face value of the Tesco vouchers. I'm stuck with 73000 avios points I can't use.

    Date used : 27/11/2013
  • Please make Avios more like Air Miles
    By TheFatTeddy19 November 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    Please bring back Air Miles - when flights were 100 per cent free! Avios are okay - and we do use them. But we always get charged for taxes. That means a round trip to most of Europe with Avios is £35 per person. Still - worth doing - just about! But a round trip anywhere else has such huge extra charges , we think it's not worth it. I'd prefer to use MORE Avios - and avoid these horrid extra charges.

    Date used : 19/11/2013
  • Great facility
    By NJH116 November 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    My husband and I have been using a Tesco Credit Card for Petrol in 2 cars, food and clothing costs for many years - and the points added up quickly. We have now done several flights using Avios (and the former airmiles) to Athens, Naples, Larnaca and Paphos. The new system is not so great as you have to pay taxes - but the very low taxes to Europe for return flights is far better than standard airfares, the savings are huge. BA may show only 9 seats available on a flight months ahead, but this is not so, its simply how the booking system works, as a maximum number of seats can be booked at any one time before becoming a group booking. We tend to plan holidays and book flights at least 6 months ahead (and sometimes as soon as the flight comes in range nearly a year ahead) and we have never been disappointed on flight dates we wanted using Avios. Long haul using Avios is not so good however, as huge taxes have to be paid, its just not worth it. Flights to Europe or places that have low tax costs are great bargains. We love Avios and will keep using the facility.

    Date used : 16/11/2013
  • Perfect school holiday flights
    By Deacs07 November 2013aged 35 to 44Female

    Booked my flights 3 weeks ago to Nice going in School hols 2014. There seemed to be plenty of flights available! The dates I selected were not highlighted but they still allowed me to book them. Thank you tesco and avios :)

    Date used : 10/10/2013
  • Free weekend in London
    By Freebird31 October 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    Disappointed with Avios, have been unable to book school holiday flights for a couple of years. However With 200000 points to spend, booked a hotel in London for a weekend for 6 people absolutely free. The grange tower bridge, excellent hotel, superb holiday

    Date used : 31/10/2013
  • No flights from regional airports
    By Zacley27 October 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    I have been an Avios & Airmiles collector for a number of years. The change to Avios and BA only flights mean that every time we book flights to Europe we have to go via a London Airport!! We live in Aberdeen and the hassle of having to fly to London adds a tremendous amount of time to the journey. With Airmiles we could fly from any airport in Scotland i.e. Airmiles:- Aberdeen to Amsterdam 1hour, Avios:- Aberdeen to London - Amsterdam 6+ hours. I have no issue with flight availability for European destinations. I have always been able to get the flights I wanted.

    Date used : 20/07/2013
  • Great Rewards for the Taking.
    By alltescopointstoavios22 October 2013aged 55 to 64Male

    My Family has collected Air Miles ( now Avios ) since day 1. I did initially prefer Air Miles but I would say now " Avios " & " B.A. Executive Club Avios have become better and more flexible. (example you can now book 1 way flights as well as the fact BA Ex. Club lets you pay for say Economy & you upgrade to Eco Plus with Avios. All bookings come with a charge ( you have to pay for security & taxes part ) However for shorter flights to Europe its only £35 for Economy. Once you fly to USA however you pay the security & taxes in full which is sometime more than the actual ticket. As far as availability is concerned yes you need to book as far in advance as you can but on saying that they do put additional flights on at any time. Example yesterday morning while just doing a random search I found 1 Business Class Ticket LHR - JFK for this afternoon at about 1600 ! Finally, just because you can't find a flight it does not mean there is not one. Last year I phoned them up @ the beginning of October looking for flights to Chicago during the Summer Holidays as I could not find anything on either Avios or BA Ex. Club website. They found me 2 seats for return flights on the same day and flight. My Advise ... Go to Avios.com and explore the site, you do not have to join to look at whats available. Barcelona, Bermuda & New York have lots of availability through out year..

    Date used : 03/09/2013
  • Excellent
    By 20 October 2013aged 55 to 64Male

    I have been using Avios / BA Miles for many years to book flights worldwide and have never been disappointed. In June I booked business class seats to Rome for next March and got exactly the dates that I wanted. Having said that, I book through the BA Executive club of which I am a member so maybe that makes a difference

    Date used : 20/10/2013
  • Book early!!
    By EllyH11 October 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    I have had no problem with using my Avios but you literally have to be ready to book the day the flight you want becomes available, so that is 355 days in advance. You will usually only get 2 reward flights so as a family of 4 i book 2 reward and 2 regular, which is still a huge saving! I have done this two years in a row now, luckily i always know that I want to go back to the USA so the early booking is not a problem

  • Eurostar
    By Pickles02 October 2013aged 55 to 64Male

    Tried to use Avios for the last eighteen months on Eurostar but no matter with the greatest flexibility there is never Availability Are we being conned ?

    Date used : 01/10/2013
  • great if used carefully
    By Dobson01 October 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    It's very easy to waste points on stuff that doesn't represent value but if you're careful there are plenty of opportunities for cheap travel / holidays. For example, this year we got four flight to Gibraltar in May for £120 with BA. That's a significant saving on buying flights direct or thro' an agent. You have to take inspiration from what's available at the time of booking but that's never been a problem for us.

    Date used : 20/05/2013
  • BAD!
    By Mussy27 September 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    It is not worth it! Better off having discounts in Tesco,

  • Worked for me
    By Nebin22 September 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    Admittedly not for use in the main school holidays, but early September managed to secure 4 flights to Spain, going out in Business and back in Economy, meaning we could use the Business Class lounge for an hour or so prior to travel - presumably this is worth cash in itself. Didn't have quite enough AVIOS but there was the option to top up with cash which is good incase availability is snapped up. Had to start looking at least 8 months in advance. Yes a low cost carrier might have cost the same for 4 flights if booked on or near their release date but it would have been an inferior product. I do understand people's disappointment when they can't get flight availability though.

    Date used : 01/02/2013
  • no availability
    By Anne1318 September 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    I totally agree that availability of long haul flights using Avios points seems to be a real problem. I tried to book a flight to Australia today and there is nothing in economy until March 2014!! That is ridiculous. I've had a couple of really good BA flights using Avios booked a couple of months in advance (to Istanbul last year and Athens this year) but the restrictions are beginning to get to me. Not sure I'll be using my Clubcard Vouchers to buy Avios any more and I've been doing so for over 10 years.

    Date used : 18/09/2013
  • No availability
    By boozerwoozer11 September 2013

    This system is fine if you want to fly to Paris midweek in february, but try using Avios to get to Australia - you cant. Last time i looked, there was no availabiliy in business class for a year!!! Guess i'll have to drown my sorrows on mixed case of wine or two!

  • why just fly?
    By Correze1910 September 2013aged 55 to 64Male

    Don't forget that, although it requires a phone call to the friendly & efficient Avios call centre at Birchwood near Warrington, you'll see it from the M6, Avios points can be used to purchase ferry tickets. We use ours to make massive (I do mean MASSIVE) savings on Brittany Ferries over-night crossings to reach our house in the Limousin. For just a small number of points Dover-Calais/Dunkirk crossings with P&O & DFDS could be "free" (sadly apparently not with MyFerryLink). Unfortunately, & this is why I won't give 5*, since AirMiles changed to Avios new contracts with the ferry companies mean that it is not possible to book a crossing from France to the U.K. with Avios unless part of a pre-booked return. Hopefully this difficulty will be resolved in due course but I have been advised that for the cost of the ferry company's amendment fee a return crossing could be extended if, like us, one is going abroad for an unknown time period. We'll just continue to use Avios for the outbound crossing & book personally, usually with DFDS & Louvre Hotels, for our return to the U.K. until such time as Avios & the ferry companies resolve the booking from France issue.

    Date used : 15/03/2013
  • Works for me
    By Flyer07 September 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    Have not really had too much trouble. Been great for Scotland to London or onto Paris. Some issues re availability for a number of destinations can exist but it tends to be around busy times etc. Worth it if you are flexible more challenging on specific must go dates. Can use for lots of other rewards

    Date used : 08/09/2013
  • Problems
    By cwtch06 September 2013aged 65 or overFemale

    We have used Avios to get to Scotland from Wales (including car hire) but we have never been able to find any other flights although we have tried numerous combinations of dates. There are never any suggestions offered for dates when flights might be available to the destination we have chosen. Very difficult website to negotiate so we have thousands of points and nowhere to go.

  • Airmiles/Avios
    By Sickened05 September 2013aged 65 or overFemale

    Having used BA air miles for almost 10 years, my worst fears were realised when it became Avios. We have used airmiles to travel Business Class to SOuth AFrica for 8 years and suddenly hit the problem of no flights available. As we are not really tied to dates, we have been trying almost every day for the last 3months to get flights in the upper cabins as Economy is not a good use of Avios - we can buy flights on other airlines for almost what we need repaying taxes for BA economy! We have tried even for the dates as they first should become available. - nothing!!! Why is this? Our friends use Competitor's Airmiles with very little problems booking. We are extremely disappointed with this. Can I also comment that we have Colleagues who are American Airlines but they seem to be able to get flights easily to and from the UK and then onwards to other Countries such as S Africa and the Far East. Why is this?

  • Not a patch on airmiles
    By McAndy01 September 2013aged 35 to 44Male

    An utter waste. Mainly spending what was carried over from my old BA Air miles account. Avios flights and travel is a total waste of time.

  • Lack of Airline seats
    By wdpettett31 August 2013aged 65 or overMale

    I agree with most of the comments. When Airmiles changed to Avios the web site boasted that they would be booking millions more seats on many more airlines. I wanted to Book a cruise from Barcelona to Florida or Houston, but when I tried to book seats back from example Miami,( 3 BA B747, 2 Virgin B747 and 1 American B777, a day), only BA came up and there were no seats available, over 300 days in Advance. We opted for a Med cruise and I had to pay BA for the LGW to AGP flights, despite there being 4 a day, again no seats available, over 300 days in advance..

    Date used : 31/08/2013
  • poor availability
    By Marra29 August 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    I regret changing my vouchers into 'avios' because I have never been able to find flights when I need them.

  • Living in Northern Ireland
    By Weejohnny28 August 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    The change from airmiles to Avios has resulted in a reduction of flights available from Northern Ireland. I used to book flights from Belfast to portugal via Aer Lingus but through Avios I can now only book to Manchester, London and Edinburgh.

    Date used : 28/08/2013
  • Avios bookings
    By lookingforbetter28 August 2013aged 65 or overFemale

    I have been collecting Avios points for a long time. When these points were under Airmiles the availability was much better. I tried to book flights to America this summer and the lack of availability was terrible. Very disappointed with Avios.

    Date used : 18/07/2013
  • no availability
    By bdw6124 August 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    I am so pleased to find that other people are having the same problem as me. I have tried to book to USA and Europe and have found that for flights around school holidays, after a long process are either cash only or not available at all.

    Date used : 10/08/2013
  • Avios flights
    By Mowgli24 August 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    I have been saving with Avios for a long time. I too have now experienced the problems of getting flights. It seems their only real use is for hotels etc- shame. I have now swithced to saving with Virgin.

    Date used : 24/08/2013
  • Avios on borrowed time
    By SussexPerson19 August 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    I agree with other one star reviews here, Avios frustrate me so much as I cant find ANY decent long haul seats for three of us less than 9 months ahead. Taxes are a joke, as on the flights I have found on Sky Scanner & other sites are quoted at less than the taxes alone via Avios., so what is the point? We have been away to Portugal twice this year, and on both occasions despite calling last year to find seats, we ended up buying direct from Monarch as we could not get three seats on the dates required! The website doesn't provide the basic function of being able to search on say North America and bring up all available flights and locations for a particular travel time - you have to painfully search on each location, entering the same info every time - only to find nothing is available AND it takes an eternity. I feel we have been conned into Avios on the back of Air miles success, foolishly expecting a similar experience - instead, for anything other than European flights - Avios is clearly not fit for purpose!

    Date used : 07/07/2013
  • Avios
    By LVDO16 August 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    This year I flew my family out to Paris over the May bank holiday, courtesy of Avios and a couple of weeks ago my husband and I spent a week in Italy, one way ticket (return was in August so unavailable!) and car hire courtesy of Avios and next year I plan to visit my best friend in Beijing, also on Avios. On the whole I am pleased with Avios but find it frustrating as to lack of flights in the school holidays. If you can be flexible, great, but for family travel within school holidays you are very limited.

  • Better value than some other boost partners
    By Laura6515 August 2013aged 25 to 34Female

    I have been an avios collector with my credit card for a while now, and have only just realised over the last year or so I could exchange tesco club card vouchers for avios. This is a really good way to top-up my avios and be able to book the hotels and/or flights I want in school holidays. My partner and I flew from Newcastle to Copenhagen via London Heathrow at Easter time 2013 and all we paid was the taxes/surcharges etc. If you are not going to use your tesco vouchers for days out etc and want to fly to Europe for cheap, it is a great offer.

    Date used : 05/04/2013
  • Disappointed
    By MaggieB14 August 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    As I feared the move to Avios has not been successful at all. I have stuck with it for 4 years to accumulate enough points to cover 2 out of 4 seats to Orlando next year only to be disappointed because no seats are available during school holidays. Why do these promoters think we save points in the first place? Answer - to make it more affordable when we have to take holidays during peak season. I too would like to revert to alternate schemes but am told this is not possible. I really hope Tesco take notice of the amount of bad reviews for this product and do something about it, the odd bad review is expected but this is far too many to ignore. I hope!

    Date used : 14/08/2013
  • Have had some success over the last year
    By Helen3110 August 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    With Avios I managed to take myself and two children to Prague last summer for a weekend and get the hotel on Avios too. Hotel wasn't top quality but fine for family. This year flew to Munich with one child on Business class BA. Its definitely not as good as Airmiles but for short European trips and hotels it's still good value if you can find the available flights. If you choose cities that are less well known you can have more success.

    Date used : 16/04/2013
  • excellent service
    By Allegria09 August 2013aged 25 to 34Female

    I had booked flights to Europe as an emergency. Last minute prices to our destination were unbelievably expensive, however Avios kept the same tariff. Generally speaking, one can find reasonably priced flights to Europe if searching in advance on different airlines. I find that Avios is more beneficial for me for trips outside Europe or last minute flights.

    Date used : 09/08/2013
  • Not so good
    By Qprdave06 August 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    Just used Avios to book return flights to Dublin and the cost was just under British Airways normal charge.Would say you would be better off using points elsewhere!!! Bring back Air miles !!!!

    Date used : 05/08/2013
  • No deal!
    By GrumpyGranny05 August 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    I too enjoyed Airmiles and got a good return with them. Now anything booked directly works out the same or cheaper than using my Avios. Tesco can you please consider reconverting our Avios points to vouchers!

    Date used : 05/08/2013
  • Ferry to France
    By Scotsman05 August 2013aged 55 to 64Male

    My wife and I have just returned from a driving holiday in France. We used Avios to buy a ferry ticket to Calais from Dover. the saving in money was very welcome and it made the holiday even better. It was also my first time driving on the right, but its not as bad as you think it is. France was lovely and we had a great time

    Date used : 12/07/2013
  • LUXURY! We could get used to it!
    By AvidSaver03 August 2013aged 55 to 64Male

    Not just any old flight, a fantastic luxury treat thanks to Tesco and Avios. We find it easy and fast to collect Avios points via Clubcard and always use our Tesco Credit Card to pay for everything, everywhere. Earlier this year we flew out to San Francisco and returned from Las Vegas traveling BUSINESS CLASS and paying just taxes and charges which amounted to less than a return fare in ECONOMY! For the best value, save up your Tesco/Avios Points for a long haul Business Class flight. (you can also combine money and Avios if you are short). Already booked return business flights to USA for next year! Thanks Tesco Clubcard!

  • Good offer!
    By Clive02 August 2013aged 55 to 64Male

    I have only recently taken to flying (again) after a not so good experience many years ago. My wife and I tend to use the Avios to have city breaks. We have (so far) used Avios for return flights to Copenhagen and Berlin. There is so much more to see in Europe.... We are considering using the Vouchers on the Eurostar service, but not on hotels. The latter does not look very appealing!

    Date used : 27/06/2013
  • Not worth collecting with Avios
    By Taylor01 August 2013aged 35 to 44Female

    Can never get the seats we want despite being flexible. Wish I could convert my Tesco vouchers back. Avios is expensive with taxes etc and I can book a flight a lot cheaper elsewhere.

    Date used : 10/07/2013
  • A great way to go.
    By Poshtraveller01 August 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    A great way to build up Avios for that trip you have always wanted. Although it's not necessarily for the casual collector, I'm not that far off return Club Class tickets for my wife and me to go to Los Angeles (again); smashing!

    Date used : 01/08/2013
  • Avios
    By Jude31 July 2013aged 65 or overFemale

    Why oh why did Airmiles go. Got lads of Avios points sitting there doing nothing . Utterly useless, never able to find anything useful. Wish I could convert back to my Tokens

    Date used : 31/05/2013
  • BA Airmiles
    By doma21 July 2013

    Good way of adding a few more miles to my BA Airmiles account, very happy!

  • Thinking of leaving?..........
    By highstack19 July 2013aged 55 to 64Male

    Leaving? I might well be (if I could find a flight....!) I now have some 100 000 avios but am struggling to use them. Airmiles was usually OK although it did not allow open jaw flights, had relatively few seats outside off season, and it was regularly a struggle with the website to complete a booking Avios is proving an altogether poorer scheme. Desperately short of seat availability even looking nearly a year ahead and not in school hols windows or anything else obvious to me. Add this to the extra charges - and the occasional website crashes - and we seem to have lost much of what was a quite valuable scheme. Does BA recognise these issues? Is the scheme so successful that more seats need to be made available? As a shareholder I would be interested to know what, if anything, is familiar in the above and what might be happening to improve the service. Help please?

    Date used : 19/06/2013
  • Disneyland Paris
    By wellpleased17 July 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    Great ways to use your Tesco clubcard vouchers. It takes us a couple of years to save enough for the family to stay in one of the Disney hotels and have first class Eurostar travel but am saving for our fourth trip now :-) Only have to top up with a bit of cash each time. Look out for special offers through Avios and Disney then get the great people at Avios to combine the two! Avios team very helpful.

    Date used : 17/07/2013
  • Car Hire and Travel Insurance !
    By pc200516 July 2013aged 35 to 44Male

    I agree with the reviews about long haul flights, especially to the USA, pretty poor unless flying to a hub...... however....this has been GREAT for booking car hire and travel insurance !

    Date used : 16/07/2013
  • Not impressed
    By katefm15 July 2013aged 35 to 44Female

    Wish I had never signed up for Avios...could have used my Tesco points for fun days out and got cheap flights online Annoying and complicated, can't ever get the flights you want with Avios...lots of hidden extras DON'T sign up!!

  • Deceptive
    By Lizf04 July 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    Probably great for people in the south but only one direct flight (to Paris) available from Manchester - probably less from other regional airports. I'm only interested in direct flights for short breaks so little use to me. Hotels only bookings take a lot of points when you can get some great cash deals online for the same hotels/destinations. However i have used them for Eurostar which has been terrific as you not only get cash free cost you get to speak to a customer service person who can ensure you get the best deal in terms of travel times, travel class etc.

  • Excellent!
    By christinem087130 June 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    Not only was I able to exchange my Avios points for flights for myself and my husband to Maderia in May, I was also able to book extra nights in our chosen hotel. Well done Avios!

    Date used : 16/05/2013
  • Avios Rip Off
    By LBN121 June 2013aged 65 or overMale

    My experience of Avios matches those of many other reviewers. Poor value for money, often cheaper to buy seats direct, poor availability. I wonder why Tesco maintains this relationship with such a poor quality associate.

    Date used : 21/06/2013
  • Be careful!
    By Toucan07 June 2013aged 55 to 64Male

    Avios can be ok for European destinations, but availability can be hard to find. Good old air miles used to show Partner flights and the whole process was a lot easier with availability throughout the day. With national advertising the programme has probably become so popular I find it increasingly frustrating to find destinations & flights we really like. Long haul is out of the question (unless you are prepared to upgrade) as taxes and fees are on par with all inclusive fares booked and paid with cash. I wished I had moved to a different loyalty scheme before building up such a sizeable balance.

    Date used : 06/06/2013
  • Worse than worthless for long-haul economy
    By SkipperTim01 June 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    Others mention "taxes". It is not "taxes" but rather "taxes, fees and surcharges" that are somewhat arbitrarily applied and add up to more than the cash-only fare with other airlines and sometimes BA themselves. It will usually be cheaper to burn your Clubcard vouchers and just pay cash instead. The only exceptions are on short-haul and business class flights where you may save some money compared to the cash price. Overall, a very poor replacement for Airmiles.

    Date used : 22/03/2013
  • holifdays in Algeria
    By Hanna31 May 2013aged 35 to 44Female

    Now we are 5 it 's a bit expensive to by the yearly ticket to see our family in Algiers.But with our avios we can make make it, only problem we cant do it on a summer there is no seat available through avios. we have to take our holidays 3 weeks in easter 2 weeks school holidays and extra 5 days unauthorized. And the summer we use avios to visit the rest of family in France over summer. thanks to avios otherwise we wan't be able to travel twice ayear.

    Date used : 22/03/2013
  • Go for the Package Deal??
    By Filty13531 May 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    My wife and I recently picked a package Holiday with Thomas Cook and put 100k Avios in part ex and paid half price for the holiday (5* all inclusive for one week in Tenerife). I too have been saving Air Miles for years and never really spent any. I chose to nibble away at them for Car hire etc. The 'goal posts' kept changing and the value of the miles got less and less. Felt rather 'dischuffed' to say the least. However, this last holiday was a good option Avios/Cash... The value of the Avios could be said to be £600.

    Date used : 01/04/2013
  • Bad move for savers; Airmiles to Avios
    By Herbse29 May 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    I saved Airmiles from the start. They were a great! Avios is a poor relation. We used up most of our Airmiles before the changeover to Avios on a family trip to the US. Avios is ok for Euopean flights. The costs on flights outside Europe means it is probably best to look for a cash only deal on flights.

  • Long haul flights do exist
    By Leppo28 May 2013aged 65 or overMale

    In march I booked return BA flights to Sydney in business class for Jan 2014 returning 5 weeks later both via Singapore. I also felt that seats were never available and accumulated over 400000 avios but they do exist but you have to get in quickly. Also there is plenty of availabilty on Quantas flights within Australia which I have also been booked and paid for with Avios.

    Date used : 16/03/2013
  • bad value
    By lizzie26 May 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    After used up a lot of points, but still have to pay a lot of money for Tax. Cheaper to pay all by cash than exchanged the Clubcard vouchers for it. Can't find any available???!!!

  • Try booking and then....
    By Aitch21 May 2013aged 35 to 44Male

    feel the frustration of Avios. Have around 200,000 miles and still can't take the family away (further than Europe) due to 'no availability' even with 12 months planning ahead. Tesco to Virgin Atlantic exchange may be better for those who like long distances.

  • Avios
    By GerW21 May 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    I've been saving Airmiles/avios for years. So far have bought flights for son for his honeymoon to Rome from Glasgow via Heathrow. Taxes only paid. Also included hotel stays when the arrived and night before departure. These tickets where high season July. Decided to do trip myself with husband during Easter and flights where great. Booking well in advance is best idea! BA only have so many seats allocated for Avios. Have also used for short haul flights no problem. Latest purchase is for son and wife to London for weekend. It's sons 30th Birthday and got London City Airport flights early morning Friday and last flight Sunday! So they get most from weekend.

    Date used : 12/02/2013
  • Book hotels, not flights
    By Avitoff20 May 2013

    For popular European destinations, use all your Avios for a smart hotel - but no BA flight. You can always get a cheap flight with the discount airlines for not much more than the tax you would pay if you booked a BA flight with Avios

  • Extremely poor availability
    By gilders18 May 2013aged 35 to 44Male

    The Reward Saver Flights (short haul) are excellent value at £30 plus Avios. But if you are flying from an airport outside of London and want to travel to Southern European destinations from May until end of September, the availability is almost non-existent. Before converting your Clubcard points check availability. Don't rely on the explorer map though, it often shows availability, but when you click through you find that the flight isn't available. I converted hundreds of pounds of Clubcard points to Avios, but have been unable to use the due to availability. Therefore I stopped collecting them, waiting for an available flight. As I have not collected in just over 12 months, the option to buy Reward Flight Savers has expired. Now I'm left with lots of Avios, still can't use them and IF a flight becomes available I won't be able to use the £30 Reward Flight Saver. All in all it's been a COSTLY mistake. Avios is there for British Airways to flog seats they can't sell on unpopular routes. If you tend to travel on unpopular routes then this is a good use of your Clubcard points, otherwise take care.

  • Avios
    By daisy15 May 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    As the last user said - they are only really worth using on the european flights with small taxes or business or first in long haul for upgrades etc. I save mine until there is a promotion - wait until Tescos give 1000 avios for £2.50 then that is a big lift!

    Date used : 15/05/2013
  • Great value *if you use them correctly*
    By jpsartre14 May 2013aged 35 to 44Male

    Avios are great value when used for buying tickets in Business/First, for upgrades to Business/First, and (to a somewhat lesser extent) buying short-haul economy flights. They are, however, poor value for longhaul flights in economy because you need to pay taxes and fuel surcharges with cash. As long as you keep that in mind you can make excellent use of Avios.

  • Bargain Trip to Berlin
    By Lawsonfan14 May 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    I have just booked two return flights from Manchester to Berlin via Heathrow for travel in June this year with BA. The total cost was 18000 Avios points and £60 taxes. To purchase the identical flights with BA would have cost £586.90 so at £60 taxes and £75 worth of Tesco vouchers this must be the bargain of the year.

    Date used : 11/05/2013
  • saving money fo hotel rooms
    By jojo11 May 2013aged 35 to 44Female

    We are planning a trip of a lifetime to Australia in 2015, with 21 days guided tour and a week in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix. Its going to be expensive!!! so to help with expenses we are converting our vouchers straight to avios to pay for 7 days in a Melbourne Hotel and we are nearly there!! Any extra we manage to get we hope to exchange for either car hire or travel insurance. We're finding it quite addictive and even after our return from Oz we're still going to collect!! The world really is our oyster

    Date used : 11/05/2013
  • Avios
    By krishjan10 May 2013aged 35 to 44Male

    600 Avios for £2.50 if that is really true then it is a good deal. 1000 Avios costs £31 on the BA website. As for Avios itself its only worth upgrading with Avios and tickets to europe. I bought a return flight to Italy from London for 30000 Avios + £40 on Club Europe. Based on the club card conversion thats £125 club card voucher + £40. Economy would be lot less of course.

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