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Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

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Reward Information

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles
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Reward Information

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

Build up your miles with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club every time you shop. See where your Clubcard vouchers can take you.

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What you get

As a member of Flying Club you get treated in style and with the comfort you deserve, and get exclusive Flying Club benefits to make the whole experience that much more memorable. You can use your miles for reward flights to one of Virgin Atlantic's fantastic destinations around the world, upgrades and much more.

Or you could combine your miles with money and book great value Miles Plus Money fares to see the world for less. You can also earn more miles with their global network of airlines, hotels, car rental and shopping partners so you can reach that reward flight even quicker.

Please note: only valid Clubcard vouchers (printed with the name of the Clubcard holder) making the booking, and that matches with name showing on the Clubcard Statement mailings and entitled ‘voucher') can be exchanged into Flying Club miles. Bookings can only be made by the Clubcard member. Vouchers may be pooled but only by members with accounts registered with Clubcard at the same postal address. Vouchers must be in date and not sold, damaged, defaced, copied, altered or redeemed.

How to place your order

1. Choose how much in Clubcard vouchers you’d like to exchange using the basket on the right. Any change left over from your Clubcard vouchers will be added back into your Clubcard Account.

2. The Flying Club miles will be added to your Flying Club account within 28 days.

Note: You can automatically convert your Clubcard Points into Flying Club miles by signing up to your "My Clubcard Account" and ticking the "opt in" box within the "Options & Benefits" page, under "My Account Details".

Additional information

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Customer Reviews & Ratings

Rated 4 Stars Based on 58 Reviews
  • So Impressed
    By ann12324 May 2015aged 45 to 54Female

    Booked four tickets to Orlando this September. Such great value and great customer service from Virgin. Now saving to go to New York in a year or so. Highly recommended.

    Date used : 04/10/2014
  • Tesco Clubcard & Virgin Flying Club Amazing Deals
    By Justdvaew3217 May 2015aged 35 to 44Male

    We have saved points for a couple of years and transferred when the deals are on to make the most of them. We don't buy anything unless it's on the credit card. We saved enough for 2 return Upperclass tickets to visit relatives in Chicago. Really looking forward to it.

    Date used : 15/05/2015
  • Very Quick!!
    By Emxx04 April 2015

    The service was very good, it got added to my account within 25 minutes of doing it! Great idea and it means that I won't lose my miles account. Will be using more of my clubcard points for this!

  • Quick
    By uumode27 March 2015

    Transferred with 30% bonus into my Virgin Atlantic account and within the hour I think - fast. Didn't quite work out how to auto it to get the additional 1,000 miles bonus though. But I think manual is the best way forwards for me, as I might use the points elsewhere.

  • barbados here we come AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By tommy191424 Febuary 2015aged 45 to 54Female

    transferred enough clubcard points,half to each of my husband and I flying club account.along with the 30% bonus we have enough for our our flights each to Barbados and enough left over for another return trip each!!! taxes are just over £200 each.a great deal.weve already stayed in Barbados 3 times,for free, courtesy of Tesco/virgin when you could book holidays.now all we need to pay for is accommodation which is cheap and plentiful in Barbados.would recommend this deal as the 30% extra offer at the moment is great.rang the boost helpline as I had a couple of questions and the very helpful girl did everything over the phone for me.

    Date used : 24/02/2015
  • @Americabound
    By Avoint18 Febuary 2015aged 45 to 54Male

    Quite simple. When you log in to your Clubcard account and go to transfer to Flying Club it then asks for your FC membership number. This is then compared with name and address, for fraud control, and the miles will then be transferred over without any hassle.

  • Thank you Tesco. Thank you Virgin.
    By Lavis11 Febuary 2015aged 45 to 54Male

    We saved 2 years of vouchers and redeemed them for Virgin airmiles recently. Enough for a return Upper Class trip to New York later this year. ( taxes came to about £500 per person ). What a superb deal !

    Date used : 31/01/2015
  • How does it work!!!
    By Americabound08 Febuary 2015aged 35 to 44Female

    I am wanting to exchange Tesco Club card vouchers to Virgin Air miles. I have followed online instructions and can exchange the air miles I need. What I want to know is how do Virgin credit my Flying Club account when they have no knowledge of my Club card account and Tesco don't know my Flying Club details. I'm just a little confused and don't want to do anything wrong and waste clubcard points by doing the wrong thing!!

    Date used : 08/02/2014
  • save them up its well worth it!
    By Disneylover04 Febuary 2015aged 45 to 54Female

    I have been saving the vouchers for flying club miles for while now after hearing about it from Martyn Lewis on GMTV We either use for miles plus money or save and get a total reward and pay the taxes..I get mine to ount quicker by buying my shopping using tesco credit card and them paying it straight off you get the points twice..so so worth it my husbands 50th last year we went premium and my brother used his for upper class. takes a while but worth it.

    Date used : 30/10/2014
  • Excellent
    By christmassnowy27 January 2015aged 35 to 44Female

    Exactly what it says on the tin. collect enough miles and exchange. You need to be flexible with dates as Virgin only release a set amount of reward seats per flight. We flew Upper to New York and it was fabulous. What were £5000 tickets were only £500 (the dreaded tax). Try to fly from Heathrow, as the Virgin clubhouse is an experience in itself.

    Date used : 24/11/2014
  • Holidays for shopping
    By MrTingle26 January 2015aged 35 to 44Male

    I shop here anyway, just got premium economy to Las Vegas for £400, the £400 was just the tax, the seats were essentially free, just let them add up each quarter and soon you'll have enough to jet off somewhere lovely!

    Date used : 25/01/2015
  • Brilliant
    By Sr150009 January 2015aged 45 to 54Male

    You cannot argue with 4 return flights to Orlando during the summer holidays. Miles better than Avios for long haul. so much more availability. OK not so many routes - but who cares

    Date used : 15/12/2014
  • Virgin Flying Club is brilliant!
    By Maggret07 January 2015aged 45 to 54Female

    We've been exchanging our Clubcard Vouchers for Virgin Miles for years. We love the Virgin flying experience so jumped at the chance when Tesco launched the exchange offer. As with all loyalty programmes, the law of supply and demand applies to availability, appearing especially affected during school term dates. Finding a reward seat does require a certain amount of tenacity in checking availability as this can change daily along with the class of cabin offered! The system is simple: part miles/money - depending on your chosen class you can reduce the fare (NOT the taxes and fees) by around 20% in exchange for a reduced amount of miles starting currently at 2000 miles for economy. Sometimes the saving seems nominal but bear in mind the actual fare is usually just a small proportion of the total flight cost. The other option is to have 100% of the miles required for the flight. Virgin sell seats 11 months in advance of travel and this is when I have found the best availability of reward seats in all classes. So far my husband and I have enjoyed return upper class to Johannesburg (saving approx. £6000!) and have just booked 2 upper class reward seats to Dubai next November (saving approx. £4000) Plan ahead and you will reap the best choice of reward seats. What's not to love about that!

    Date used : 07/01/2015
  • Booked through a travel agent!!
    By Fifilou7516 November 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    I exchanged an £8.50 voucher to then be told that I cannot use the converted points towards an already booked flight as I had booked through a travel agent and not Virgin direct. Please be aware of this, Tesco could not stop the voucher going through and Virgin cannot do a refund. Oh well just an excuse to book more flights to Florida yet again haha!!!!!

    Date used : 12/11/2014
  • Saving is worth it
    By CoMo16 November 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Amazed to see that we had enough points to fly first class to New York - what an fantastic experience - could not have been better, Especially combined with pick up service. Get to lounge early enough to enjoy it. Thank you - saving for another experience. Do not miss this opportunity

    Date used : 09/04/2014
  • Excellent Value
    By Cat58527 October 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    This is the only partner I have used my Tesco Clubcard Vouchers with (so far). Easy to convert, takes seconds, and appears in your account very quickly (was just a few days for me). It's such great value, especially for someone who doesn't get to fly too often but when I do it's nice to know I can upgrade my seat to start my holiday with a little more luxury. And, it's great that Virgin actually have seats available you can buy with miles so these are really useful... unlike BA. I would definitely recommend this transfer/transaction to other Virgin Flying Club members... you can't lose.

    Date used : 27/10/2014
  • Great value but not if your points go astray
    By 20 October 2014aged 55 to 64Male

    At the conversion rate of £2.50 for 625 miles this is great value. If buying points from Virgin you'd pay £30 for 1000 points! However, all my converted points seem to have gone astray because Virgin changed my membership number when they upgraded my Virgin Flying Club account to Silver. I got the original 1000 points when I registered but then the number changed. To be fair, this is Virgin's fault mostly, but there needs to be some system between Tesco and Virgin when someone's number changes. I am hoping Tesco can recover them but it currently looks as though 8 months of points have disappeared.

    Date used : 21/10/2014
  • Virgin airmiles great if you time it right
    By mrairmiles21 September 2014aged 45 to 54Male

    Had a stack of airmiles saved last year hoping to take the family to florida. The day the rewards seat sale started I managed to get 10 seats at 25,000 points each in economy for taxes of £215. We flew the last week of June 1st week of July thats £2,150 for the whole family instead of £7,000 !! Not all of the reward seat sales are 50% off but mid range locations like Florida, Vegas and the Carribean can be great value. So ok me and the wife could have flown first class to Vegas for 200,000 points which would have been a comparable saving but we elected to spread the joy lol

    Date used : 01/07/2013
  • Fantastic way of flying upper class
    By Valblue18 September 2014aged 35 to 44Male

    Been saving up my clubcard points for a while now and listening to other reviewers I thought had little chance of getting a reward seat in the school hols. Well have booked for next July 2015 flying upper class to Cuba in the school holidays. What really surprised me was the amount of reward seats available if you search as soon as flights become available. Thanks Virgin and Tesco, would never have been able to afford it otherwise.

    Date used : 02/09/2014
  • Do the maths
    By Claret1108 September 2014aged 45 to 54Male

    Recently bought flights to Florida for June 2015, at the time of booking they were £700 normal price and with 42500 airmiles each (£142.50 in clubcard vouchers with the 20% bonus) I paid £225 so got a saving of £475 per flight, so over 3 times the value of the clubcard vouchers and i am well happy and have started saving for my next holiday.

    Date used : 20/07/2014
  • Boston
    By Miles6531 August 2014aged 45 to 54Male

    just booked two first class tickets to Boston USA with virgin, been saving my points for a while and booked well in advance, yeah you have to pay the taxes, but £1,0000 compared to over £4.5000 no comparison!

    Date used : 29/08/2014
  • You need to search lots of options...
    By Philinthesun18 August 2014aged 25 to 34Male

    I am constrained by school holidays, which is a little bit frustrating. However, I have just 'bagged' two premium economy returns for £862.00 (the necessary taxes) to Cuba using air miles. We looked online at the cheapest possible premium economy return tickets and they were in excess of £2400 for two, which is a massive saving. You do have to be patient and keep checking back; I looked one day and there were no dates, I looked a couple of days later and there was two suitable dates and this was for Easter 2015. I have to be honest though, there was very little else at the time, apart from New York tickets, of which there is an abundance unless you can travel outside of the school holidays. Not a bad deal in my opinion.

    Date used : 01/07/2014
  • waste of time
    By Maggie702 August 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Unless you want flights only the air miles are a waste. Try booking a package holiday with Virgin Holidays. The only way that you can use the miles is to pay a great deal more (over 800 pounds to go to Barbados) as they cannot be used on discounted deals. Then you may or may not, depending on availability, be able to upgrade. Obviously if you instead book your flight and hotel separately you end up paying much the same

    Date used : 02/08/2014
  • Be aware...
    By 02 August 2014aged 55 to 64Male

    Shame that you can't purchase extra legroom seats with your Flying Club miles.... These are generally £50/£35 depending on location in plane (India routes).

    Date used : 01/08/2014
  • There are no 'free' flights!
    By jasee02 July 2014aged 65 or overMale

    Airmiles give you a way of paying for some of your flight. However the duty and other airport charges still have to be paid. These can amount to half or more of the price of the cheapest flight. Also the reductions they offer are not on the cheapest flights and not all flights are reduced. You can only pick from a restricted number of flights. So you can end up 'paying' thousands of air miles for a flight which is almost as expensive as the cheapest flights! Air miles can also be used to 'upgrade' your flight to a higher class but personally, I like to spend my money at my destination not on the flight, so I always travel economy. Other airline flight clubs do allow you totally free flights. Very, very occasionally Virgin has also done this.

  • Great reward but plan well in advance!
    By NicLiz09 May 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    My husband and I convert all our Clubcard points to Virgin Miles and it took us about two years (with some additional points saved from actual Virgin flights) to get to where we wanted to be... I agree that if you want to make the most of your points, fully point funded 'Reward' flights are your best option. Depends what class you fly in, but we managed to save enough for return Upper Class flights to Orlando (100,000 points each), plus taxes at £500 each. Upper is very difficult to book as there are really limited numbers of 'Rewards' flights available on each trip, so getting the dates you want can be a mare, but booking is really easy once you've got enough points and found flights. Be prepared to have enough points ready at least 8 months before travel!!! However, if you are flying Economy or Premium you need significantly less points and their are more seats available each flight... A great reward if you have the planning and the patience :-)

    Date used : 01/10/2013
  • Plan well in advance
    By SavvyTraveller27 March 2014aged 45 to 54Male

    We managed to get two upper class tickets to Tokyo for August 2014. But it took us a lot of planning - starting almost a year before. I had some VA miles from previous trips on Virgin and these were about to expire (about 50000). So we looked in summer 2013 at what we could do. Answer not much The money plus miles fares really weren't great - no real saving against published fares; and it seemed like the companion flights, where you buy one full price and use your miles for one "free", added up to only marginal savings. However, the best value for money seemed to be un upper class where it looked like for 50,000 miles each you could get a trip to the US East Coast for about £500. So you pay the same as in Economy but for a very different experience. However, my wife is a teacher and looking for Upper Class fares that suit school holidays was a nightmare. In the end we had to broaden our search - and found that we could do the Tokyo trip! We then converted our Clubcard points to make up the difference (UC to Tokyo is 100,000). [Fortunately, we had loads saved]. We waited until the extra 30% offer was on and checked availability before we pressed the go button. The vouchers were turned into points overnight (remarkable! Thanks) and we were able to book the next day using the 200,000 air miles plus about £500 each in taxes. For us, this was a good deal - a long haul UC fare for a similar price to economy (in £ terms) plus using our vouchers and existing air miles. The same cash fare was about £3000 each! So in summary, we are able to use our Tesco vouchers to get a cabin upgrade and feel like all those weekly trips to the supermarket are being rewarded with something special. But, it took a lot of planning and a degree of risk (but mainly because of our severely limited times when we could travel). I really didn't fancy having 200,000 air miles being unused. We're thinking about doing the same again in the future - saving our vouchers for a very big spend and not using them on pizzas etc.

    Date used : 01/02/2014
  • Savings
    By Jay0108 March 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    Hi, I convert all my points to air miles automatically and 5 months ago booked a flight to Jamaica. I saved £717 off the price of flight only having to paying taxes. I go to Jamaica every 2 years which gives me time to save the miles and book my flight. I even up graded my seating too. I now have enough miles for my next flight to Jamaica in 2016 and hopefully will be able to up grade to first class next time Down side is on some flights there are limited number of miles only seats available and often you have to book as least 6 months in advance to be guaranteed dates you want. Could not find any flights for my daughter during the school summer holidays on a miles only basis Virgin air miles sometimes provide you with what you need when you need it, but that's life sometimes.

    Date used : 08/03/2014
  • this is why they are called miles
    By eeny23 Febuary 2014aged 35 to 44Male

    To the reviewer complaing about them being called "Airmiles" and the redemption rate of them: They are called "Miles" because you earn approximately 1 mile for each mile FLOWN (plus class of travel bonuses etc) not because 1 mile is redeemed for 1 mile of travel. They are a way to reward frequent fliers with free flights and upgrades etc. If 1 mile earned could be redeemed for 1 mile to be travelled it would be equivalent to a buy one get one free offer from Virgin Atlantic. The clubcard deal is an excellent way to top up your frequent flier miles with Virgin and earn those free flights and upgrades much faster than before. Be aware that not all ticket tyoes are upgradable, and it is very hard to work out which fare bucket a quoted fare is in before purchase. If you are intending to use miles for an upgrade I would suggest contacting reservations before booking.

    Date used : 23/02/2014
  • This Works fine
    By MikeM23 Febuary 2014aged 65 or overMale

    If you read the information on the Virgin site all is made crystal clear so there should be no confusion. Upgrades are a great idea and I have now upgraded from Premium Economy to Upper Class on two occasions. You are still going to spend a lot of money for two tickets but what you get back is quite substantial. If you think you can fly half way round the world for a few Club card vouchers think again. It is just not feasible. Do your research and the result is "rewarding" I think it is brilliant. Well done Tesco!

    Date used : 09/09/2013
  • Terrible
    By Zack23 Febuary 2014aged 25 to 34

    Member of the flyers club but they continue to remove key destinations and there are special terms around codeshare flights. Honestly, save your points for something else - don't waste them with virgin!

  • A few words of caution
    By Everhopeful02 Febuary 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    Before you get excited and cash in all your vouchers for that longed-for trans-atlantic flight, it pays to ring Virgin to check how the air 'miles' work and also flight availability... not just whether flights are actually available on your chosen dates, which is easy to do via their website, but that REWARD flights are available, as the two are different. Also check what reward flights are available, as there are different types. After spending an hour yesterday checking the details and how the scheme works, we decided to test the system by cashing in one £4 Clubcard voucher for miles. The first good thing was that when we checked this morning, the miles were already in our Virgin account. Fantastic, especially as it can take up to 28 days, according to Clubcard! We then rang Virgin (Flying Club helpline: 0844 412 2414) to enquire about flights to Orlando in July, hoping to use the miles as part payment. We were really happy to learn that there was 'good availability' for reward flights on our chosen dates; so far, so good. Then came the disappointments. As this is our first experience with air miles, perhaps we were somewhat naive (hence the decision to test the system). We assumed that 'air miles' equated to the distance travelled; not so. It seems to be more like a points system; to achieve flights on the 'one way' idea mentioned by MRTH (see review below), it normally costs 21,000 air 'miles' per person... for a 4000 mile flight. Despite the time my husband and I had spent looking at the Clubcard and Virgin websites, neither of us had picked up on this fairly crucial fact. In any event, that option wasn't open to us as no rewards of that nature had 'been released' for our chosen dates. The 'reward flights' available allowed us to use a maximum of 2000 air 'miles' per person, which gave a '20% discount', 'reducing' the fare to £852 per person. I had previously checked the Virgin flights on that day and could fly for £895 per person. Is it my maths or is that less than 20%? (We could also have bought the same flights last week for £802 per person in the Virgin January sale...) So, from our experience, be aware that a 'mile' isn't a mile, there are caps on the amount of air 'miles' you can use depending on where you go and the flight class you select, and that the fares offered might not be the cheapest available (although, to be fair, there is a price guarantee scheme mentioned on the Flying Club website... just check the small print carefully as EVERYTHING has to be the same). The bottom line is, check before you convert; if you are happy with what is on offer, go for it, as it will work for some but not for others (although there is no guarantee the flights you want will be available after conversion...). If you are happy to take a bit of a gamble and are not committed to certain dates or destinations, it could be a great scheme, and one we might try in the future... but it doesn't seem to be particularly helpful for our upcoming trip. Ah well.

    Date used : 31/01/2014
  • Very good as long as you read all the details
    By KS2228 January 2014aged 25 to 34Male

    Ok so to conclude the positive and negative reviews on here I will give you my thoughts as I have just saved for 2 years, converted to virgin miles and used them on flights to the USA for my honeymoon. To use miles to upgrade a cabin class you must first make sure that your original ticket is upgradeable, (each cabin class has several ticket types and you must have a ticket type that is valid for upgrade, for example the cheapest tickets aren't usually upgradable) all the information is on the website and its easy to access and understand. You must also be aware that even if you have an upgradeable ticket type you cant always get the upgrade on the date you wish too.. I believe only a few seats per plane are set aside for virgin miles upgrades. The plus side is that you can see which dates have seats and which don't all before paying out a penny. You can check upgrade availability on the website before spending your miles. If you wish to use miles to pay out right for a ticket or part payment of a ticket, you also need to check the dates/seats are available for use with air miles. You may need to be flexible with your dates or get in there early.. In my opinion virgin airmiles are a great way saving money and getting upgrades you may others never be able to experience. You just must be aware of how it works, not all dates will be available, not all upgrades will be available especially in peak times.. but if you do your research and get all the information I believe its a great opportunity.

  • Fantastic Deals
    By 27 January 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    I am sooooo pleased with Virgin Flying Club and Tesco points....i want to tell everyone just how easy it is!!! This is the first time i have booked with points. i converted my Tesco points to virgin flying miles then bought additional points to pay for flights. it was so easy and every agent i poke with on the phone were extremely efficient and gave me the same information even though i had called in 4-5times. i couldn't believe how great the offer was so i kept checking. Finally booked and bought everything with one phone call. So simple. Have told my whole family to save Tesco points then purchse tickets with flying miles. very pleased thank u!!

    Date used : 27/01/2014
  • Almost impossible to use
    By Notboby25 January 2014aged 35 to 44Male

    If you have children and therefore have to travel within peak times you can forget about flying upper class. They simply don't release the flights. If you're really flexible you may get lower class flights. Don't think you just save the miles and fly they release a very small percentage of flights for the scheme. Such a shame for such a great Airline.

    Date used : 24/01/2014
  • One way tickets are great value
    By MRTH23 December 2013aged 35 to 44Male

    We use our tesco points to convert to virgin miles and use the miles to book one way flights to get back from or too our transatlantic cruises and our last one cost 21,500 miles & £80 each for an economy ticket, to buy a one way ticket from London to Florida is about £900 each! It defiantly makes booking one way flights cheaper so very happy!

    Date used : 01/12/2013
  • Great For Flying in a Higher Class
    By Carlos6812 December 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    Tesco vouchers contributed in enabling us to fly Upper Class for the first time this year to Dubai. A fabulous experience which we will repeat again in the future. My advice to the previous reviewer and any future converters is to save up and use the points to fly upper class rather than economy. There is no financial benefit at all in booking economy tickets with Virgin points. Using points to purchase upper class tickets or paying for economy tickets then using points to upgrade gives you the best return.

    Date used : 12/12/2013
  • dont be fooled, you not getting much, do the maths
    By steve1983326 November 2013aged 25 to 34Male

    After doing the math.. virgin are not really doing great deals...for example, I priced up a return flight including flights to mexico cancun in january on a comparison website, the best I fount was £411 return for dates I wanted, after going through virgin they wanted 45k miles and £277 in taxes, well u must think thats a £134 saving, great!! Well infact to get 45k miles in virgin, I exchanged over £150 in tesco vouchers... so in theory im £16 worse off and not too pleased, that said... ive heard every deal is different.. the TAXES spoil it

    Date used : 11/11/2013
  • Research required but great saving available
    By trignflo10 November 2013aged 35 to 44Male

    It can be difficult to find flights on-line, but virgin flying club helpline excellent in helping you out. I just four premium economy tickets to USA returning via different US airport (at my choice) during school holidays for around 25% of the cost of cash purchase. Plus much better refund policy where if you have to cancel you get all your miles back.

    Date used : 10/11/2013
  • Excellent Value
    By JRUS01 November 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    Got 2 free Upper Class flight to New York (had to pay the tax obviously). You have to be flexible with when you want to travel and see what is available. Amazing value.

    Date used : 07/09/2013
  • Be sensible - research first
    By TheAviator31 October 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    All of those of you who buy a ticket on Virgin's website and then expect to upgrade it afterwards - airlines across the board, BA for one don't work that way. Virgin gives you the chance when booking to use a mix of money and miles or just miles. If you don't use them at the point of booking, upgrades are almost impossible because of the different times to departure premiums and fare structures airlines use - if they didn't they would go out of business. SAVE your miles for when you need them, book at the time with your miles and be flexible as to dates to make the most of them. All frequent flyers schemes work in the same way more or less and Virgins is one of the easier and more generous ones.

  • Great when you know what you are doing!
    By RandomD28 October 2013aged 25 to 34Male

    Don't be put off by all the negative "not an upgradable ticket" comments below. If you actually take the time to read all the information on the Virgin Flying Club pages before trying to book it clearly states which ticket classes can and cannot be upgraded. Non-upgradable fare classes are the norm on any airline. Wait for the bonus miles promotions and also wait for the Reward Seat sales which Virgin Atlantic do every so often for better value for money. Fares as low as 25,000 miles and £240 Taxes. Great value for a quick trip accross the pond. Better value can sometimes be had using miles to Upgrade (providing you have checked and booked the right fare class!)

    By GOFORIT18 October 2013aged 65 or overMale

    Having a Tesco Credit Card as well as a Clubcard you will be happy with and the speed your points multiply up. We now have enough to go to New York and back in Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic. You have to pay the normal economy fare plus Air Miles, It still work cheap for Upper Class.

    Date used : 18/10/2013
  • 30% extra
    By Scotkat5701 October 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    When I changed my club card vouchers into Flying Club miles the extra 30% extra miles was added to my account at the same time. Hope this helps.

  • yc888
    By avidtraveller01 October 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    just exchanged clubcard points to v miles and they add the additional miles on, in addition to the 625 for £2.50, Also they said it would be 28 days but happened in less than 28 hours!! just hope Virgin are as efficient Hope this helps

    Date used : 01/10/2013
  • Great! If you can find a flight.....
    By lemonlemon01 October 2013aged 35 to 44Male

    Beware. As stated previously in other reviews using the Virgin air miles is easier said than done. I tried upgrading a seat from economy to premium and was told my economy seat was 'NOT' upgradeable despite me paying for the seat on Virgins own website without any mention of this beforehand or during booking. I then had to pay to upgrade my economy seat to upgradeable economy so I could use the vouchers :( Quite frankly, it seems like a better bet using the vouchers elsewhere as this scheme is just not transparent enough. If you are tempted i would strongly urge you to call virgin first with some travel dates to see if there is anything available because from research I have found these seats to be very difficult to find

    Date used : 22/09/2013
  • Agree with RodgerA
    By Scotkat5725 September 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    Having read previous reviews about Virgin Flying Club and the great deals to upgrade flights we converted our Tesco vouchers and changed our credit card to Virgin Atlantic to build up miles. Alas it's not as simple as having enough miles to secure an upgrade. We booked a Virgin holiday to Las Vegas and wasn't told that the class of flight with the holiday was H class and one that couldn't be upgraded!! After many live chats with both Virgin Holidays & Flying Club it seems that there are only so many seats available for upgrade both with the holiday company and the Flying club and your seat has to be within the designated class. Maybe better just booking a flight but check first to see if the Flying Club has seats!! Been a learning curve and will have to use our miles for Virgin Holiday Vouchers instead of the upgrade on our return flight home that we had hoped for.

    Date used : 25/09/2013
  • Virgin Air Miles becoming useless?
    By RogerA24 September 2013aged 65 or overMale

    We have previously used air miles to upgrade Virgin flights on a number of occasions. Just booked a trip to the Caribbean in January and Virgin say there are no upgrades available using air miles for the whole of January, February and March. After completing our booking, I see Virgin now have a 'bid for an upgrade scheme', is this why no air miles upgrades are available? With reward flights and upgrades in short supply, Tesco vouchers are better value.

    Date used : 24/09/2013
  • what a great deal
    By Pezza16 September 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    I had been saving up my virgin miles for a couple of years now and most of the miles are purchased through Tesco Clubcard,especially when they have there 50% extra free offer. I have recently booked 4 x upper class return seats to Los Angeles. Having paid the taxes ,all in all i reckon to have saved over 10000£ over the cost of purchasing the flights using money. Me and the family are so excited to be able to fly in upper class. Thank you Tesco, one of the best clubcard deals you have ever had. Now saving up for the next trip,hopefully to South Africa.

    Date used : 16/09/2013
  • Happiness
    By JonesyRA15 September 2013aged 25 to 34Male

    Thanks Virgin for offering 30% extra flying club miles. I will this quarter convert to Virgin instead of BA. Looking forward to over 13,000 miles. Already redeemed this Summer for an Upper Class free seat to Johannesburg!

  • Excellent way to use your points
    By TheAviator06 September 2013aged 45 to 54Male

    There may only be two of us but in the space of year we had enough points to get two of us an upgrade from economy to premium economy and still some left over. Looking forward to our trip to San Francisco!

    Date used : 06/09/2013
  • Best Clubcard Deal EVER!!
    By Bablefish25 July 2013aged 35 to 44Female

    We cashed in a heap of clubcard rewards when Virgin has their offer on for 925 miles.. we managed to secure two Upper Class seats to Mexico! Fantastic!! Cant believe people redeem in store.. starting to save again now ready for the next deal! Thanks Tesco!

    Date used : 10/06/2013
  • wow
    By normie28 June 2013aged 55 to 64Male

    What a great way to use your clubcard vouchers, my family and i are on our way to los angeles using my virgin miles,some of which i purchased when a deal was on giving me extra miles, I cant believe my eyes when i see customers in store using clubcard vouchers to pay there shopping bill, well done tesco, need to know when next deal with virgin is coming, i have lots more vouchers to exchange. East Sussex Family

    Date used : 01/07/2013
  • .virgin Atlantic air miles
    By JanP23 June 2013aged 65 or overFemale

    Very pleased with Tesco - ordered miles one day and they were in my VA acc. next day. Disappointed with VA. Past years I have used miles to upgrade from PE to UC on the Cape Town route Feb/March and would have purchased my ticket by now. This year VA have offered none of these upgrades. I do hope they are not withdrawing this very good service.

    Date used : 23/06/2013
  • Sshhh....don't tell everyone...!
    By babygobo17 May 2013aged 45 to 54Female

    Now, this is between you and me - this is the BEST use of Clubcard points....ever! Seriously, we only ever fly in Virgin Upper Class now...and that's an fabulous experience that everyone should do once in their life. Thank you Tesco.

  • Great deal
    By Harvey12 May 2013aged 25 to 34Female

    I recently exchanged my points to virgin miles, when they had the special offer for 2.50 - 950 miles plus we claimed our miles back when we flew to LA recently! We now have about £20,000 miles and I've only converted £60 worth of tesco points. If you get 25,000 miles you can upgrade to first class on a flight home or too New York. This upgrade would normally cost approx £4,000 so it's a treat you would never pay for!!! I also use my credit card for everything to maximise my points, so many good deals I'm spoilt for choice!

    Date used : 02/02/2013
  • Great deal for me
    By cazer06 May 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    Having flown with Virgin a few times to Cuba this is a great deal for me. Already have 48,000 miles, enough for a return flight to Cuba, now converting the points into miles for my husband. Sometimes Tesco have special offers to buy extra miles. Also Virgin do special offers where you need less points to be able to book your flight. Need to check the website regularly for this offer

    Date used : 06/05/2013
  • great for adding miles
    By mallin2102 May 2013aged 55 to 64Female

    This is another brilliant idea, and i now convert all my points to Virgin miles, it really boosts my balance. So I can get that reward flight even sooner. I put all my spending on my Tesco cc, so as they say every little helps and it really does, it is even better when they have the extra bonus miles on.

    Date used : 21/02/2012

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