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Travel by train around the UK, redspottedhanky can find you the best deals on rail fares.

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What you get

Who doesn't like saving money, especially with the cost of rail travel slowly creeping up? redspottedhanky is here to help you find the rail fares you want at a price you can afford. Simply navigate with their user-friendly interface, select the destinations you desire, and away you go. To help you save even more, we'll give you £10 to spend at redspottedhanky for just £5 in Clubcard vouchers.

With redspottedhanky.com, you can rest assured that someone's got you covered when it comes to rail travel within the UK.

How to place your order

1. Choose how much in Clubcard vouchers you’d like to exchange using the basket on the right. Any change left over from your Clubcard vouchers will be added back into your Clubcard Account.

2. We’ll aim to send you two emails within 30 minutes. One will be your order confirmation. The other will contain instructions on how to activate your redspottedhanky.com account.

- If you're already registered with redspottedhanky.com, just follow the link in the email to log in to your account.

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Customer Reviews & Ratings

Rated NaN Stars Based on 269 Reviews
  • Excellent Service
    By TheInsp20 July 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I have used Tesco club card vouchers to purchase rail tickets a number of times now and have never been disappointed. Red Spotted Hanky is clear and easy to use and my tickets have always been correct. Both sites together offer fabulous value for money. Thankyou Tesco and Red Spotted Hanky

    Date used : 11/07/2014
    By HORACE3520 July 2014aged 55 to 64Male


    Date used : 20/07/2014
  • Redspottedhanky
    By 1oldcodger20 July 2014aged 65 or overMale

    Excellent service and outstanding value for money.

    Date used : 16/07/2014
  • great easy to use system amd service
    By sist18 July 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Brilliant way to save money on travel. Easy to use and real bargain fares.

    Date used : 06/06/2014
  • I love redspottedhanky
    By lourolls7418 July 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    Used my clubcard points to pay for my train tickets. This website is so simple to use, I wish I knew about it earlier. Nothing to dislike!

    Date used : 20/06/2014
  • Great
    By brandi18 July 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    excellent service will use again ordered tickets 3 pm they arrived first class the next day.

    Date used : 15/07/2014
  • allocated seating terrible
    By Chrissieanne18 July 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    when we got on the train we were allocated aisle seats at different tables (we had requested airline seating together) and this, in spite of the fact that only 4 seats had been reserved in the whole carriage! on the next train our allocated seats didn't exist so that was a pointless exercise.

    Date used : 01/07/2014
  • Half price rail tickets
    By TescoPointSpender16 July 2014aged 45 to 54Male

    Great value getting half price tickets. Although you have to allow 2-3 days for the voucher to be creditted to redspotted hanky account so this precludes an impulse journey. Would be good if this could be improved as per other offers where e-vouchers are processed within 30 minutes.

    Date used : 03/07/2014
  • Great value for money!
    By freetime16 July 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    The booking experience using my Clubcard vouchers was quick and easy. The only disappointment was that the price on Red Spotted Hanky had gone up slightly when I came to book, so the vouchers didn't quite cover the full cost and I had to pay the rest on my credit card. Nevertheless, I had a great weekend in Newcastle with a friend, all for just a few pounds. I will definitely use this deal again.

    Date used : 12/07/2014
    By foreversummer16 July 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I'm thoroughly impressed with Red Spotted Hanky. The website is easy to navigate and the the information about the trains is presented in an easy to understand way. The whole process of using Tesco vouchers is very straight forward. I love to use my Tesco Vouchers for train travel, but even if I don't have any vouchers left to spend I still use RSH as there is no need to look anywhere else. There are no booking fees and the tickets always seem to arrive the very next day after booking with no postage to pay. Thoroughly recommended.

  • Excellent Offer & Service.
    By PeterS16 July 2014aged 45 to 54Male

    I have now used this offer twice to obtain very cheap 'advance' rail tickets and it cannot be faulted for value or service. It can be used in conjunction with Railcard discounts (Senior, Disabled,16-25 etc) to give even better value on rail fares. It is easier if your e-mail address registered with Tesco matches your Red Spotted Hanky e- mail address, else you will have to create a new account with Red Spotted Hanky using the same e-mail address that Tesco have registered. Other than that it is simplicity in itself and is really no more difficult than booking any other train tickets online. Overall great value.

    Date used : 26/06/2014
  • Brilliant idea and service!
    By Noodle0215 July 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    Booked return ticket to Brighton from Bedford. Great price and even better that I had enough tokens to cover the whole purchase as it doubled. Easy process to follow and tickets arrived 2 days after I ordered, Would definitely use again and highly recommend to others.

    Date used : 05/07/2014
  • Good and Bad
    By pugsy1215 July 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    Excellent way to spend your club card points however be aware that as the prices of the rail tickets aren't fixed, by the time the voucher appeared the rail fare I wanted to buy had increased by 30% so almost negated the saving from the vouchers. Could this system not be speeded up? Also noted the voucher was in my account a good 12 hours before I got the email from RSH saying it was ready, so worth while keep checking your account to see if it is there. On plus side once booked the service was great, tickets arrived very quickly and sent free 1st class post with no booking fees.

    Date used : 04/07/2014
  • A real boon
    By Apothecary15 July 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    I thoroughly endorse what Skinflint wrote on 7 July. I travel north on a regular basis and prefer RSH. Even when I have used all my vouchers, I still book through RSH. I used to use the Trainline but that attracts an additional fee if paying by credit card.

    Date used : 15/07/2014
  • Could be more discount...
    By nealh7514 July 2014aged 35 to 44Male

    Any discount off train travel is good I guess. RSH usually give a good account of cheap tickets, however other Tesco Clubcard deals are 4x, this is only 2x. Could be more discount.

    Date used : 28/06/2014
    By moneysavingobsessed13 July 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    So easy to do . Brilliant way to get away without spending loads ,or even anything at all, on train travel.

    Date used : 13/07/2014
  • London weekend
    By Tanya6613 July 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    Used RSH to purchase two return tickets to London. The e-mail arrived from Tesco straight away, and about 24 hrs later I was able to log on to RSH and buy the tickets. Easy peasy. Also bought London Travelcards at the same time. Excellent boost!

    Date used : 27/06/2014
  • Excellent service!
    By Hodge12 July 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I had never used Redspottedhanky until I saw it in the Clubcard deals brochure and never use any other site now for my rail travel. Great company to deal with and they don't add on any unnecessary charges. It's so easy to exchange tesco vouchers online for a Redspottedhanky evoucher and to get double the value is really good. I do recommend this deal and this company to my friends.

    Date used : 12/07/2014
  • Good but could be better.
    By Neilbat10 July 2014aged 65 or overMale

    RSH have always strived to give good prices on tickets. Thanks to Tesco boost it makes it even cheaper. However as some of the deals on Tesco boost are 4x the value it would inspire me to travel more if RSH did this as well. Other than that excellent.

    Date used : 02/07/2014
  • red spotted hanky train tickets bargain
    By bargainhunter201409 July 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    Excellent booster by Tesco 's Used these a few times now and are a real bargain It makes more sense to use the train then the car with the hassle of parking . Often have weekends away use the boost for both train tickets and hotel deal , so you get a weekend for free Thank you

    Date used : 29/06/2014
  • Great and quick!
    By Bigspender1309 July 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    First time I had used and at short notice wasn't sure voucher would be through on time. My daughter and I needed to travel from Liverpool to Euston on a Friday and I ordered vouchers on the Wednesday. They came through approximately 24hrs later and then we collected the tickets from the station (machines were broken at time but staff perfectly happy and helpful to print off for us). Used again a couple of weeks later. Great saving and will most certainly use again.

    Date used : 13/06/2014
  • Excellent pricing, better with clubcard!
    By roddie08 July 2014aged 25 to 34Male

    RSH sell all the usual heavily discounted advance tickets, made even better when you can double up on them.

    Date used : 07/06/2014
  • Makes travelling all the sweeter
    By Skinflint07 July 2014aged 25 to 34Female

    I learnt about red spotted hanky through tesco clubcard deals and haven't turned back. Positives - At time of writing this there's no booking fees or fees of any description - all you pay is the price of the train ticket. And of course if you use your tesco clubcard tokens you get double the value of them (as at time of writing). As I am catching the train anyway, this is win win for me and I am saving a lot of money this way. Negatives - the vouchers expire within 6 months, but redeeming only takes a few days for the evoucher to appear in your red spotted hanky account so I would just say to hold off redeeming your clubcard vouchers until you think you'll need them. However, I would imagine most people would use them within the 6 months anyway. Overall I would definitely recommend red spotted hanky.

  • Really great way to save money
    By michael4squares07 July 2014aged 65 or overMale

    I have used them off and on for about 3 years with good results each and every time it's so very easy to navigate and work out the best prices for rail travel, if booked early enough can easily be only 1/3 off the price with Tesco Vouchers. I have had the tickets posted to me arriving very quickly via good old Royal mail. Great, Thanks.

    Date used : 12/06/2014
  • Redspottedhanky
    By Prettyboy07 July 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    Excellent Service can not fault it. Would 100% use again.

    Date used : 28/06/2014
  • A good deal on train tickets
    By Lancastertraveller05 July 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I have used redspottedhanky quite a few times to book train tickets in conjunction with Tesco Clubcard and it is a great way to save quite a bit of money on tickets - probably taken journeys that I would not been able to have afforded full price. Reasonably easy to book and use their website

    Date used : 21/06/2014
  • RSH Tokens
    By oxtails05 July 2014

    Great offer. Have used it several times, and will again. Only regret is since first introduction, value of RSH tokens has reduced from 3 times value of Tesco vouchers to 2 times. Also, RSH Tokens expire if not used within six months.So be warned!. Preferable in my view if tokens did not expire at all, but 6 months expiry? It would be good too if you could email the RSH tokens from the RSH site by way of gift direct to family and friends for them to then use on their purchase of half price train tickets. How about it RSH?

  • Excellent site
    By kanno05 July 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Very easy to navigate and work out the best prices for rail travel.

    Date used : 07/06/2014
  • Simple and really handy
    By Krunchie2903 July 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    So easy to order and then use the vouchers once logged in .it has been great to pop to London and not pay a penny .Thoroughly recommend.Tickets posted to me and no problems yet .

    Date used : 01/06/2014
  • brilliant way to save money
    By cbnr03 July 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    love using red spotted hanky my journey cost me £4.50 instead of £34.50. The tickets arrived so quickly, booking is no hassle, will definitely use again

    Date used : 01/07/2014
  • Hassle free and good value
    By Merryandrew03 July 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    This was the first time I had used this method of booking tickets, so I was a bit concerned how it would work. I need not have worried - the Tesco voucher code turned up in my new Red Spotted Hanky account within 12 hours, I booked the tickets and they arrived by post the following day. Very impressed by the service, and I will definitely be using it again.

    Date used : 12/06/2014
  • Simplicity itself!
    By Salsterc03 July 2014

    Easy to exchange vouchers, easy to book and tickets came in the post first class. Brilliant service! Fantastic that you can use these vouchers on a line where you can't get advance fares.

  • Excellent Service
    By HappyTraveller102 July 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    I have used my Tesco vouchers to purchase train tickets through redspottedhanky.com for the last three years and have always found the service to be 1st class. I particularly like the fact that, so long as you order your tickets in good time (about a week before you need to travel) delivery is free! My tickets have always arrived within a couple of days. I was also delighted to find that as well as receiving your discount through the clubcard scheme, you can also use a railcard to receive further discount. Win Win! The only disadvantage I have found, and this is not redspottedhanky's fault, is that should you have to pick up your tickets from a station, not every train station is equipped with an automated machine.

    Date used : 10/06/2014
  • Red Spotted Hanky Rocks!
    By HappyJ02 July 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I LOVE Red Spotted Hanky, because it means that I can double the value of my Tesco Clubcard vouchers and pay for my son's travel to and from Drama School in London. Win-win!

    Date used : 02/07/2014
  • Redspotted Hanky train tickets
    By Gertrude01 July 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    Straightforward procedure and very quick excellent service, can not fault it. Will definitely use again in the future.

    Date used : 27/06/2014
  • Great service
    By Lorraine259901 July 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    This was such a smooth transaction in getting the tickets and using my Tesco clubcard points. Redspottedhanky even post out the tickets to you by 1st class post which is great.

    Date used : 25/06/2014
  • Best travel deal!
    By polkadotrucksack01 July 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Using Tesco clubcards to buy rail travel with redspottedhanky.com is brilliant! We have used them every time we need to travel by train and it has saved us a fortune in visiting family and friends all over the country. Transactions always go smoothly, the e-vouchers arrive promptly, and the booking system is easy and straightforward. I would not hesitate to recommend the service to others...it really is that easy!

    Date used : 15/06/2014
  • Brilliant discount
    By bhoy197601 July 2014aged 35 to 44Male

    Clubcard has helped us save a large percentage on our train travel. I love being able to exchange Tesco vouchers for something we use a lot.

    Date used : 26/06/2014
  • Great Service
    By Jemma01 July 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    I have used this offer since it started and have found it excellent. It is easy to operate once you have your RH account. It's great that you can use the vouchers towards any ticket and then save the balance for next time or pay the difference. It's my favourite Clubcard Boost. I recommend.

    Date used : 14/06/2014
  • Good value
    By 01 July 2014aged 65 or overMale

    I agree that it is frustrating with how long it takes for the vouchers to become valid. In addition, it would be advantageous if I could start journeys from the end of zone 6 of London Transport. I am a freedom pass holder and don't pay for this section of the journey.

    Date used : 01/07/2014
  • Excellance all the way
    By askme30 June 2014aged 45 to 54Male

    Have used this offer for three years while my son has been away at university. The vouchers are excellent value and come through quickly. Dealing with Red spotted hanky is a real pleasure, they are helpful and customer centred. Recently had to post some tickets to my son which went to wrong address and one went over date. Explained my problem and completed on line form and returned my tickets which I got back several weeks later and received a very fast refund no problem, if only every thing in life was like this

  • Takes away the strain of train costs
    By Grannybackpack30 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Travelling by train is still an adventure. The Tesco Boost with redspottedhanky means I have frequently travelled to see my Grandaughter. She has been introduced to trains before she can walk!

    Date used : 16/06/2014
  • Easy to do and great value
    By SocialSecretary30 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    A really good way to boost your Tesco vouchers. Quick and easy to get the tickets, done it several times with no problems at all.

    Date used : 29/06/2014
  • Good value
    By JumbleCakes30 June 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    It is great to be able to pay half a fare rather than the full cost. It was even better when it was three times the value and absolutely amazing when it was four times the value! The website has been improved making it much easier to quickly proceed using voucher codes. Expiry dates are a bit limiting, but one of the best Tesco voucher deals.

    Date used : 18/06/2014
  • Fantastic Deal
    By celticlady30 June 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    Must be the best way to use your Tesco points. Easy to use, highly recommend.

    Date used : 28/06/2014
  • great deal
    By carrotcake30 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    I use this deal every time I use the train. Is easy to use and tickets are delivered the next day. Great way to use the vouchers, but am surprised that a lot of my friends are unaware of the deal?

    Date used : 23/05/2014
  • Excellent for Uni visits
    By Parker29 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    Great savings only shame is the vouchers aren't instant so you need to have them already in your account before you start looking at fares otherwise you could miss out as fares increase.

    Date used : 30/06/2014
  • Simple!
    By Mrsrats28 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    This is the best way to use tesco points, very easy website to use, have used many times, especially since also got family railcard with points!

    Date used : 27/06/2014
  • excellent way to use points
    By ancient25 June 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    Agree with the positive comments others have made. Have used on several occasions and will use again. Ideal for people who need to make journeys to visit friends and relatives. .

    Date used : 13/06/2014
  • wish there were more deals like this
    By Quika25 June 2014aged 25 to 34Female

    such a great deal!!! and the redspottedhanky website is really easy to use.

  • Every little helps
    By jupl25 June 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    I have used Red Spotted Hanky several times with and without Tesco vouchers. At the start the vouchers were tripled up if I remember correctly although doubled up is still a good deal. I like the fact that they deliver your tickets free and speedily. Last time I used vouchers and credit card and opted to collect the tickets from the machine at rail station because it was a bit last minute. There was a small glitch and we had to queue up at ticket booth as machine only printed the plus bus tickets but not train tickets. I did notice that the plus bus tickets also were cheaper than when I have bought them using other train ticket sites.

    Date used : 11/06/2014
  • Great Value
    By Drrams25 June 2014aged 35 to 44Male

    Easy to exchange and get the reward boost. Happens quite quickly without waiting for days. Brings down the value of the actual payment that you have to make quite significantly. I do make few trips a year by train and hence, try to accumulate as many Tesco clubcard points as possible, for this reason, if not for anything else. I go to the extent of getting cash back through Topcashback as clubcard points, as every penny is a point and your clubcard points will go up more easily than by doing regular purchase. Redspottedhanky also lets you collect a penny for every pound that you spend, which you can redeem for future train ticket booking. Great experience overall.

    Date used : 25/06/2014
  • great savings to be made
    By roubiliac24 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Always use clubcard vouchers and Redspottedhanky for train tickets. Recently went from Edinburgh to Glasgow to Oban return effectively at no cost. Tickets always arrive the day after ordering. I don't know how they do it so quickly and free delivery as well.

  • easy peasy
    By Maurice142923 June 2014aged 65 or overMale

    I have used Tesco tokens for 3 journeys. Every time there was no hassle and I made a great saving on my trips. Well done Red Spotted Hanky and Tesco

    Date used : 14/06/2014
  • Huge savings made.
    By Tony3623 June 2014aged 65 or overMale

    You always get as good a deal as on any other Rail website, often an even better one. AT TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE, YOU CAN HARDLY GO WRONG. We've saved hundreds of pounds over the years. It's so convenient too. Pick up at any station beforehand, not just the one you are actually going to travel from on the day. If you book about a week ahead though, they will post them to you.

    Date used : 13/06/2014
  • Simple Process
    By Johno23 June 2014aged 45 to 54Male

    This process was surprisingly easy and worked very well. Ticket vouchers arrived electronically in account very quickly and tickets purchased.

    Date used : 23/06/2014
  • very useful offer
    By holidaybird23 June 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    Ticket order from redspottedhanky usually received by 1st class post the next day - an excellent respose if you`re journey is more than a week away. I always use my tesco points for train tickets plus the rail card deal of course.

    Date used : 23/06/2014
  • Fantastic
    By Benji1823 June 2014

    So easy to use. Ordered on the Monday used on the Thursday. Made our trip to London very cheap

  • Great value and dead easy
    By RosieM22 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    We have used our tokens for several trips now. Really excellent way to cut the cost. Tesco reward gets credited straight to your Red Spotted hanky account and you simply top up with any remaining balance on your debit or credit card. I like to use red spotted hanky as they do not charge a booking fee and they will send the tickets by 1st class post for no extra. Best to allow a day or two for the credit to transfer over, so not good for a last minute trip.

    Date used : 10/06/2014
  • Excellent
    By Angiel22 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    Very easy to convert Tesco clubcard to vouchers and then book on site. Tickets arrived within two days and a reminder email do journey booked just before travel very useful. Hope remains as a reward with Tesco.

    Date used : 15/06/2014
  • A Struggle Every Time
    By DerekPigeon22 June 2014aged 35 to 44Male

    It's great to be able to use Tesco vouchers at double value for rail journeys... except that Red Spotted Hanky has often been pretty hopeless when I've used them. The first time I tried to use them, some time ago, there were endless problems with trying to enter the voucher codes on their website and they weren't helpful on the phone. It took hours to resolve. This time, although I find their website terrible to use and very slow compared with another well-known rail website, I did manage to book my tickets... except that on the morning of travel only the return journey printed. The ticket office understandably couldn't help and I had to phone Red Spotted Hanky who told me to buy a new ticket for later refund. Not impressed. (N.B. Red Spotted Hanky is run by ATOS, the IT firm that has been in the news in relation to disability benefit assessments, and all they are doing here is managing a database which should be easy for an IT firm but isn't a great advertisement in my experience!)

    Date used : 20/06/2014
  • Excellent service
    By Oodley21 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I have used redspottedhanky.com before and have been happy with the train tickets, but yesterday I ordered my tickets at 1630 and the posty popped them through the door this morning! Wow, what a quick service, quicker than me opting to pick them up from my local station and the website is so easy to use. I shall be using them again very soon.

    Date used : 21/06/2014
  • Great way to travel
    By Uptheiron21 June 2014aged 55 to 64Male

    If you are planning a train journey then utilise your Tesco clubcard vouchers to pay for it through red spotted hanky.com.For advance tickets(approx. 12 weeks prior to your travel date)you need to be on the ball but for general off-peak tickets you can't go wrong,just give yourself about 3 days from when you submit your clubcard codes before they get into the system so you can actually book your journey.Also if you have any railcards all the concessions still apply.I will certainly be using this option again.

    Date used : 21/06/2014
  • Swapping coupons - Tesco for Red Spotted Hanky
    By AmpneyFrank21 June 2014aged 65 or overMale

    It took me a few attempts to work out which buttons to press, but eventually I got it right and lo & behold the coupons appeared on Red Spotted Hanky's account. Great value train tickets and always delivered quickly and at no extra cost.

    Date used : 15/06/2014
  • prompt delivery
    By florence20 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Went to a wedding by train, first time for years, ordered the tickets on Mon on line delivered next day, fantastic service great way to spend my Tesco vouchers saved all the stress of driving three and a half hours thanks Tesco and Red Spotted Hanky

    Date used : 06/06/2014
  • great deal
    By nanaj20 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    have exchanged my tesco vouchers several time with red spotty hanky.A great deal and so easy, email comes with a code enter code when booking tickets and all done, have booked tickets to isle of wight and Manchester this time,so much easier by train then car allows me to relax, read or enjoy the scenery and with this deal very cheaply! looking forward to both short breaks

    Date used : 22/06/2014
  • Excellent Value
    By gran119 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Use most of my Tesco vouchers for Red Spotted Hanky & have taken our grandchildren out on day tours using them. Great value. Would most certainly recommend this Tesco Clubcard Deal.

    Date used : 12/07/2014
  • A brilliant scheme
    By MasterHenry10019 June 2014aged 65 or overMale

    I've used redspottedhanky several times now and am very grateful both to them and Tesco for providing such good value for tickets. When I've been able to book well in advance the savings are huge; but even with some fairly late booking the Boost scheme provides excellent value. The Tesco response to Boost applications is incredibly swift, the redspottedhanky response is then well within their 48 hour window: well done. My only request would be that the Boost value is x 4, rather than x 2!!

    Date used : 13/06/2014
  • paid for our trip to London!
    By dummydaydream19 June 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    Great deal. Doubled some points plus I had managed to collect a few rsh codes along the way so it paid for a standard off peak return for 2 adults and 2 children for this July. As the seat reservations weren't released when I booked I kept checking back and as soon as I saw them I popped down to the station and got the seat reservations so table seat both ways. Happy Days, just can't wait to go. Clubcard boosts are also paying for most of our food, a trip to the Tower of London and a ride on the RIB speedboat. I love points!!!!!

    Date used : 21/04/2014
  • Easy to use and great value
    By thriftyshopper18 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Easy to book train travel on the site, tickets are delivered to home usually the next day. Vouchers can take a couple of days before they are available. Use them even when i don't have clubcard points. I have found this the best site to use for train travel. Hope they continue to be part of the clubcard boost.

    Date used : 01/06/2014
  • Great value
    By Sunners18 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I have exchanged my Tesco vouchers many times to obtain train tickets to visit family and friends, it gives me a fantastic weekend away at a very low cost, the train service so far has been fantastic and it's relaxing thus encouraging me time and time again to spend my vouchers on train travel - great idea

    Date used : 20/06/2014
  • Good deal
    By Tudiefair17 June 2014

    First time I had used club card points for Red Spotted Hanky but it was very easy. The email came well within the 72 hours allowed and it was easy to use the website. The amount you had applied for was automatically deducted from the cost of the tickets. I don't use the train very often but I would definitely use again when I do.

  • very pleased
    By TrainTrekky17 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Love using Tesco & Red Spotted Hanky for my train tickets. Once used never go anywhere else for cheap rail travel. Excellent!

    Date used : 06/06/2014
  • easy and great money saver
    By 16 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    We have used this offer 4 times now and it is one of our favourite booster offers.We are going to use it in july to manchester to save on airport parking as well.good customer service and easy to pick tickets up from the machines at the train station.Prices excellent.get this great deal you won't regret it

    Date used : 05/05/2014
  • Fast response
    By TescoCustomer16 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I have converted club card vouchers several times for red spotted hanky vouchers. Tesco process the request a lot quicker than advertised. Great service, great value.

    Date used : 20/05/2014
  • Excellent
    By whizz16 June 2014aged 45 to 54Male

    An easy way to get a half-price train ticket. Very straightforward and quick process and redspottedhanky website is as good as any for finding and booking your tickets.

    Date used : 28/05/2014
  • Best way to use my Clubcard vouchers
    By pp6016 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I have done this several times now and find it is one of the best ways to use my clubcard points. This way we get affordable treats even during school holidays when usually train tickets are more expensive, a day in London for example. Intend to do the same again when going to the airport before my holidays. It's easy. The exchange is processed very quickly and it is such good value for money. Fantastic.

  • Good value
    By Drummermum16 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    We always exchange our vouchers for train travel. The beauty is that they really do stack up quickly and before you know it you can easily afford a trip away! Would be sorry to see them go.

    Date used : 16/06/2014
    By stargatebarbie15 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    This is far the best reward deal love it usemy points all the time for red spotted hanky travel so i can go to london and see shows easy to use vouchers last ages dont know what id do with out this x

    Date used : 20/05/2014
  • awesome!
    By lancashirecazzy15 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    I always use redspotted hankey - cheap train tickets - no credit card charges or hidden costs - fast efficient service - what more can you ask for. Through Tescos I usually get my train tickets for nothing!

  • Scottish Holiday
    By Rumpole14 June 2014aged 65 or overMale

    I exchanged some of our Tesco vouchers for redspottedhanky vouchers doubling the value.Although I was going on holiday in Scotland by coach, I used the train to explore parts of the west coast whenever I wanted. The local station at Montrose had an automatic ticket machine so the whole process was so simple. A great bonus to a good holiday was the "free " rail travel !!!

    Date used : 30/05/2014
  • Excellent Service as usual
    By Puck1114 June 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    I have used Tesco vouchers to purchase rail tickets for a few years. Always arrive promptly and when I had a problem with wrong tickets ordered (my fault!) it was quickly sorted. Easy to contact by phone if there is a problem and no booking charge!

    Date used : 09/06/2014
  • Great deal
    By Fredster13 June 2014aged 65 or overMale

    Have used this site for some time,mostly good but the delay in receiving the e-voucher is frustrating if you need to book tickets quickly and possible seat price increase.

    Date used : 29/05/2014
  • Cheap train travel
    By burtoj212 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    I always exchange my tesco vouchers for redspottedhanky vouchers, which save me loads off my train journeys.

    Date used : 19/05/2014
  • Doubles our points value
    By Tayport12 June 2014aged 65 or overMale

    Effectively doubles the value of our Clubcard points by using for an everyday cost, ie train fares, that we have to incur anyway. Now we're familiar with the Redspottedhanky website it's easy to book our tickets - often shortly before we travel in case of a late change of plans - and pick up at station.

    Date used : 11/06/2014
  • Quick and easy
    By Staffygirl11 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    A great way to spend clubcard vouchers. I have used red spotted hanky on a few occasions and it is very quick and easy to get your voucher on line. Will definitely be using again *****

    Date used : 04/06/2014
  • good value
    By bhatta11 June 2014

    very good value and easy to use. i use all my club card points in this way. rsh offers as good value as any other website and quite easy to use. wish boost to go up to three times rather than double.

    Date used : 29/05/2014
  • Red Spotted Hanky
    By roamer11 June 2014

    Excellent way to use Tesco Club Card points, easy to use. Was able to have free trips to London and Liverpool Have used these points several times and will continue to use them.

    By henry11 June 2014

    Easy to use and reasonable value though not as good a deal as they began with.

  • Redspottedhanky
    By cullensii10 June 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    This is an excellent way in which to use my clubcard points. My son and family live in London and I live in Scotland. I convert all my clubcard points at double their value to this site and they help tremendously with my train fares allowing me to see our grand daughter more often. I have recommended this site to several people.

  • Excellent way to use vouchers
    By Muffett10 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Simple way to use clubcard vouchers to gain half price rail travel. Online vouchers arrived very quickly, and I was able to collect the tickets at my local station without any problems. Fantastic service from Tesco and Red Spotted Hanky which I will continue to use when I need to travel by train.

    Date used : 27/05/2014
  • Fantastic savings
    By April5610 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Such an easy process to save money. I have used by clubcard points to get vouchers for cheaper travel to Scotland for the Commonwealth Games. Looking forward to it even more now that I have got cheaper rail travel.

  • Good Service
    By mediumphil10 June 2014aged 55 to 64Male

    Easy to use. Have used it on a number of occasions Received tickets at the Station from the ticket machine.. It's a pity you cannot get upto 4 times the value of the Clubcard value.

    Date used : 05/06/2014
  • Awesome. Loyal customer now.
    By Seth09 June 2014

    I love how it's free to get tickets delivered to my house. I once got berated for not having my tickets while boarding the train. I paid for it and it wasn't my fault that the machines at the station that I went on wasn't working and no one was operating the counter. Not anymore! Now I get to escape the wrath of train guards that take their job too seriously and prey on innocent students.

  • Outstanding value
    By NickiG1309 June 2014aged 35 to 44Female

    Doubled up my £15 to £30 worth of train travel. Used on a family day out which cut the cost a lot. More than happy with this exchange and will be using it every clubcard voucher issue :-)

    Date used : 08/06/2014
  • very simple
    By vivaldi2209 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    easy to use website the email arrived within 24 hours great value for money with this deal .cannot think of anything bad, even get to reserve seats at no extra cost.

    Date used : 25/05/2014
  • Great value
    By Siouxsiepuke09 June 2014aged 45 to 54Female

    It's the first time I have booked tickets through this site but found it very easy to use and as I used it in conjunction with Tesco Boost my husband daughter and I were able to travel to London for free! Will definitely use this again.

    Date used : 28/05/2014
  • Red Spotted Hanky
    By Ready09 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    Used Clubcard boost in this way many times before. Simple to use, Clubcard email e-voucher to you or RSH if you are registered within a couple of days. Use this like cash, collect ticket from station. Brilliant! Effectively half-price rail travel and you can still use your railcard.

    Date used : 22/05/2014
  • Great Value
    By bean5208 June 2014aged 55 to 64Female

    This is a great way to exchange the Tesco vouchers for Red Spotted Hanky Train Tickets . We have bought many tickets and using the vouchers are painless. You also get loyalty points with RSH which reduces our price even more. Excellent

    Date used : 24/04/2014
  • Free day out in London
    By 08 June 2014aged 65 or overFemale

    The whole process to obtain vouchers etc was very simple and I was able to get a ticket for London at fairly short notice. I would recommend Red Spotted Hanky's service

    Date used : 07/06/2014

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