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Clubcard Boost at Tesco

Boost At Tesco Departments

Boost your vouchers and get hudl2 Tablet & hudl Accessories for less, or visit us soon to get the kids sorted for 'Back to School' and more!

Double your voucher value with Boost at Tesco

hudl2 Tablet & hudl Accessories

Choose where you'd like to boost

What's In?

  • hudl tablets (all colours)
  • hudl accessories

What's Out?

  • All other tablet devices
  • All other electronic tablet accessories

How do I boost my vouchers?

Clubcard Boost: £5=£10

Turn every £5 in vouchers into £10 of tokens to put towards your hudl2 Tablet and hudl Accessories

Tesco direct

  1. Easy Checkout: Your vouchers will be available at the checkout on Tesco direct. Simply shop as usual; at the checkout, you can choose whether to boost your vouchers or not, as long as you have selected products included in Boost at Tesco