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Time-saving tips for mums

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It's not selfish!

Research has shown that a lack of me-time is the number one stress factor for 75 per cent of mums*. It's not self-centred to want time to yourself - it'll help keep you and your family in better shape, as an exhausted and frustrated mum is no good to anyone.


Five ideas to help busy mums enjoy some precious me-time.

1. Share childcare

Team up with a friend and take it in turns to look after each other's children. Your tot gets to play with a friend for the morning, and you get time to yourself - for free!

2. Grocery shop online

If you have a Clubcard, once you've registered on, the items you usually buy in store will all be listed under "Favourites", and all the offers are handily kept in one place. You'll be able to do your weekly shop in minutes.

3. One-pot cooking

Invest in a slow cooker so you can throw a few ingredients into the pot in the morning, and have a hot meal ready for supper.

4. Use your smartphone

There are hundreds of apps to help you save time. Savvy mums save precious time with the Tesco Groceries app, which lets you do the food shopping on your phone, while organiser apps such as Mom's Daily Planner combine to-do lists, calendars and budgeting tools - and Babychange is the National Childbirth Trust's invaluable guide to your nearest baby-changing facility.

5. Rotate the toys

Cut down on clutter by taking toys your tot no longer plays with to a charity shop, or sell them at a car boot sale or on eBay. Then split those you've kept, and put some away for later. Young children concentrate better when they have a few good toys rather than an overwhelming choice, and you'll spend less time tidying!

Your phone can be the gateway to a smooth family life

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