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Boost your self-confidence

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Your days are probably packed at the moment but one day you might have a bit of time to yourself (yes, really!). Why not use it to try something different - you could give your confidence boost and learn new skills at the same time. Need some inspiration? The new you starts here...

Become a volunteer

Your free hours could be someone else's lifeline - so why not volunteer to help your favourite charity or at your local school? Whether you're fundraising, walking rescue dogs or even being a special constable, helping others can be hugely rewarding. Find out what's available in your area at the Do-it Volunteering website, or contact your local volunteer centre.

Learn something new

Always dreamed of speaking Spanish or learning how to salsa? You could be just one evening a week away from fulfilling your ambition - go on, sign up for classes now! If you've always wanted to do something creative, see if your local craft shop offers classes or demonstrations. Interested in photography or creative writing? Contact your local adult education centre or visit Hotcourses and see what's available. Or boost your career prospects - check out Learn Direct for a range of courses available online or at one of 400 centres. If you're stuck for childcare, don't worry, many colleges provide a crèche.

Get active

Working out is a great way to generate feel-good chemicals and tone up. Experts recommend at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, of moderate to vigorous exercise*. Book yourself into a fitness class, or ask some friends to join you for a brisk walk, bike ride or game of tennis.
*Source: NHS

Revamp your look

Can't find a thing to wear? Treat yourself to a new outfit or try on something in a colour you wouldn't normally choose. Flick through some magazines, have a trawl on the net for inspiration - Tesco has loads of affordable, stylish trends - or go shopping with a friend whose style you like and ask her to pick out an outfit for you. A new hairstyle or colour can give you a real boost, so chat to your stylist or book a consultation at a different salon (usually free) to see what they suggest.

Set yourself a challenge

You don't have to climb Everest to feel proud of yourself. There are plenty of everyday challenges - decorating your toddler's bedroom, baking and icing a birthday cake, calling an old friend you haven't spoken to for ages - that can be just as demanding. So set yourself a goal - and go for it!

There are plenty of everyday challenges - decorating your toddler's bedroom - that can be demanding.

Start small - little confidence boosters go a long way