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Mums' advice for planning a nursery

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Real mum's tip

Look at storybooks and cartoons for decorating inspiration. M Jones

Creating a cosy, stimulating space for your baby is one of the best parts of nesting. But where do you start? Our Club mums share their advice for making the perfect nursery.

Start with the big stuff

I prefer to buy the biggest things first then you can choose the perfect smaller decorations depending on how much space you have. Asia S

Shop smart

Remember it’s not a rush: you can slowly add to the room once they're born. Look out for deals and gender-neutral stuff that can easily be reused. Big, bold and bright is good! Rebecca Dennis

Crafty customisation

I transformed a cheap little table and chairs set by repainting the wood and adding some lovely oilcloth fabric to the tabletop and seats! Kathryn MacKinnon

Find inspiration

Pink and blue are great, but do consider looking at storybooks and cartoons from creators like Eric Carle for texture, shape and tones to create a more stimulating and exciting nursery. M Jones

You don’t need to buy everything

We invested in a moses basket, cot bed, changing unit and only a few clothes and toys. Remember, your baby will get lots of toys and clothes when they are born and at their christening and first birthday. Lilinha Angel

Stuff to get you started