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All about the Tesco Loves Toddler toilet training range

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Making sure your toddler feels comfortable and secure while potty training is key to success. Our range of Tesco Loves Toddler toilet training equipment is specially designed to give them the confidence to make the big move from nappies to pants. And they're all available in pink or blue!

Steady Potty

Our Tesco Loves Toddler Steady Potty has a high back to help support your toddler comfortably. The non-slip feet make it really stable and the handle ensures it’s easy to empty after use.

Step Stool

Our Tesco Loves Toddler Step Stool with non-slip treads, helps your toddler to access the toilet and basin safely and securely. It also makes an ideal footrest for extra security when your toddler is sitting on the loo.

Toilet Seat Trainer

Our Tesco Loves Toddler Toilet Seat Trainer fits securely on to the adult toilet seat and is the perfect size for little bottoms. Comfortable and safe, with non-slip edges, it even has a handle so you can hang it up after use.