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All about the Tesco Loves Toddler feeding range

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Your little one’s growing up and discovering new things every day – now it’s time to start learning about feeding himself and getting more independent. Tesco Loves Toddler has everything you need to help him gain confidence. From easy-hold cutlery to lunchboxes designed for active toddlers, our colourful range gives you fantastic quality at great prices.

Easy Scoop Bowl

The Tesco Loves Toddler Easy Scoop Bowl is specially designed with deep sides to minimise spills and help your toddler scoop food on to a spoon or fork. Fill the bowl with your tot’s favourite pasta and encourage him to tuck in.

Easy Scoop Plate

With deep sides, the Tesco Loves Toddler Easy Scoop Plate helps him pick up food with cutlery. It’s also a fun way to introduce new foods and let him experiment with new tastes and textures.

Easy Hold Cutlery

Little hands need light cutlery that’s safe and easy to grip. The Tesco Loves Toddler Easy Hold Cutlery has chunky handles, which make it comfortable to hold as he gets used to feeding himself.

Easy Grip Sipper

Active toddlers will love this Tesco Loves Toddler Easy Grip Sipper. It’s designed like a sports bottle but the clever valve inside prevents spills. Take it out on walks and park trips.

Snack Box

Store his favourite snacks at home or use the Tesco Loves Toddler Snack Box as a handy lunchbox for days out. You can also use it for holding Easy Grip Cutlery.

Catch It All Bib

There’s bound to be some spills while he’s learning. The Tesco Loves Toddler Catch It All Bib is designed with a detachable base for easy cleaning. And the adjustable neck means it’s great for toddlers who seem to grow an inch a week.

Soother And Holder

Comfort is always close to hand with Tesco Loves Toddler’s Soother And Holder. It has a soft orthodontic silicone teat, while the holder can be clipped securely to his clothing. No more lost soothers!