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Tesco Loves Baby: Super Fit Nappies

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Now your baby is becoming more active by the day, you need a nappy that can keep up. From rolling over to bottom shuffling to crawling, it won't be long before your little treasure is pulling himself up to stand, ready to walk! Luckily Tesco Loves Baby Super Fit Nappies have the technology to ensure your baby can move around with ease, but still stay dry and comfy, with minimal leaks and mess - a big plus for busy parents. And all in one neat package.


These improved nappies have four-way flex at the sides, between the legs and at the inner and outer leg cuffs to ensure a soft and secure fit for active babies. The aqui fast dry zone locks in wetness, and the baby-soft materials make sure your baby stays comfortably dry at playtime and at night.

  • New aqui fast dry zone 
  • Softer backsheet and topsheet
  • Sizes: 3 midi (4-9kg/9-20lbs), 4 maxi (7-18kg/15-40lbs), 4+ maxi plus (9-20kg/20-44lbs), 5 junior (11-25kg/24-55lbs), 5+ junior+ (13-27kg/29-60lbs)

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