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Tesco Loves Baby: Soothers and teethers for your baby

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Soothers - also known as dummies or pacifiers - can be a great way to calm your baby. They are available in several sizes, from newborn onwards, and usually come in nipple or orthodontic shapes. Once your baby becomes happily 'attached' to her soother, you'll always want to have a few sterilised and ready to go!

As first teeth begin to appear, teething babies will also welcome a good chew, this time on a teether to help relieve sore gums.

Tesco Loves Baby range has a wide selection of both soothers and teethers, all cleverly designed to help keep your little one content. 

Newborn Soother

The Tesco Loves Baby Newborn Soother has a reversible teat that can be used either way up in your baby's mouth. The super-soft silicone helps to keep your baby comfortable, and the case ensures the soother is kept clean and hygienic when not in use.

Newborn Night-time Soother

This brand new addition to the range has a glow-in-the-dark centre to make it easy to spot during the night! The Tesco Loves Baby Newborn Night-time Soother also has a reversible teat made of super-soft silicone, and a case to keep it clean and hygienic when not in use.

Butterfly Soother

Specially designed for girls, the Tesco Loves Baby Butterfly Soother has an orthodontic teat and extra ventilation, ideal for encouraging your baby's mouth muscle development. It also has a super-soft silicone teat to help keep your baby comfortable.

Smile Soother

Perfect for boys, the Tesco Loves Baby Smile Soother has an orthodontic teat, and is also designed to encourage the development of the muscles in your baby's mouth. With extra ventilation, plus super-soft silicone teat.

Open Shield Soother

With an orthodontic teat to encourage your baby's mouth muscle development, extra ventilation, and the same super-soft silicone teat, the Tesco Loves Baby Open Shield Soother is an excellent option.

Soother Holder

Keep your baby's dummy handy by clipping it safely to his outfit. The Tesco Loves Baby Soother Holder should help you to avoid that 'oh no, where's the soother gone?' moment!

Teddy Bear Gel Teether

This Tesco Loves Baby Teddy Bear Gel teether is specially shaped with a textured surface for your little one to hold and chew on when those sore gums need massaging. Chill in the fridge (not the freezer) to ensure it's ready to use the moment your baby needs relief.

Mini Water Filled Teether

Colourful, water-filled and specially shaped for your little one to grab and chew, cool this Tesco Loves Baby Mini Water Filled Teether in the fridge so it's ready to go when your teething baby needs comfort.

Multi Textured Teether

Specially designed with a variety of hard and soft surfaces, the Tesco Loves Baby Multi Textured Teether is ideal for biting and chewing on, to massage and soothe those tender gums.