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Tesco Loves Baby

Tesco Loves Baby: Everything you need to feed your little one

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As your baby grows into a toddler and begins to assert his independence, you'll notice he's keener than ever to feed himself. You can help your little one to achieve his self-feeding goals (commonly known as that nice piece of toast!) with the cute new range of toddler feeding accessories available at Tesco.

Chunky Cutlery Set

The spoon and fork in the Tesco Loves Baby Chunky Cutlery Set is specially designed to be easy for little hands to hold - perfect for when your tot's ready to start feeding himself. 


The Tesco Loves Baby Plate, specially designed with sections to help keep foods separate, is a fussy toddler's dream! The easy-scoop sides make it easy to feed your little one, or for your tot to manoeuvre the spoon himself, and the sections can be used for little tastes of a range of finger foods - perfect for when your tot's ready to start feeding himself.

Snack Pod

Keep those baby and toddler snacks super fresh at home and when you're out and about! The soft and flexible lid on the Tesco Loves Baby Snack Pod allows your toddler to pull snacks out while the remaining food stays safely inside the pot - for less mess and happier parents!

Non-spill Cup

It's important your baby moves on from a bottle with a teat to a cup with a spout as he turns into a toddler. The suction sipper on this Tesco Loves Baby Non-spill Cup will help your little one to use a variety of mouth muscles, which in turn naturally aids eating and speaking development. The non-spill valve should help to avoid mess, and the chunky twin handles make it easier for your toddler to hold.

Non-spill Beaker

This Tesco Loves Baby Non-spill Beaker is a great size for thirsty, active toddlers. The larger spout helps little ones further develop their drinking action, and the easy-grip sides, non-spill valve and hygiene cap make it perfect for use at home and when you're out and about.

Insulated Beaker

Keep those refreshing drinks fresher and cooler for longer! The Tesco Loves Baby Insulated Beaker is perfect for long days out, especially as summer approaches, when you'll want to keep your toddler well-hydrated.