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Meet the Tesco Loves Baby characters

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Tesco Baby & Toddler Club has had a brilliant makeover. So as well as a new name – Tesco Loves Baby Club – there is also a whole new family of colourful characters to meet. They’re here to make it easier for you to find the right products, and information, for you and your little one. So keep your eyes peeled for them in store and online.

Find out who's who in the Club...


He might not be bringing you your special delivery, but if you’re pregnant or have a newborn then the Stork is the character for you. You’ll find him on products designed for your gorgeous newborn, such as Tesco Loves Baby Newborn nappies.

Giraffe and Owl 

Look for our cute Giraffe and wise old Owl on the Baby Club website, and on a range of baby products, in store and online. You’ll find Giraffe on Tesco Loves Baby Super Fit nappies, and Owl on Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Dry. You’ll also find these colourful characters on wipes, bottles and soothers in the range.

Monkey, Zebra, Lion, Ladybird and Bee

Cheeky Monkey, stripy Zebra, friendly Lion, cute Ladybird and buzzy Bee all make an appearance on our Tesco Loves Baby and Toddler products. Find Monkey on Tesco Loves Baby Easy Fit Pants, and Bee and Zebra on Tesco Loves Toddler Toilet Wipes. You’ll also find this toddler-friendly team on our soothers, cups and other toddler products in the range.

Also look out for...

Fish, Duck, Whale and Starfish

Scrub-a-dub-dub! A fish, duck, whale and starfish can only mean one thing – it’s bathtime! These cheery characters appear on the Tesco Loves Baby bathing range, ideal for little ones from birth onwards.