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Easy cleaning with Tesco Loves Toddler Wipes

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Now your little one is a lively toddler, there are different kinds of cleansing wipe to cope with a whole new set of messy moments! From wipes that can tackle face paint, to potty training toilet wipes, Tesco Loves Toddler has the perfect solution for your mucky pup.

Toddler Sticky Fingers Messy Faces Clean-up Wipes

Whether eating, playing or just out and about, getting messy is all part of being a busy toddler! Our Sticky Fingers Messy Faces Clean-up Wipes have been specially formulated with gentle cleansers and moisturisers to get your toddler clean quickly, gently and thoroughly. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, they are suitable for sensitive skin. Plus they're also great at removing face paints.

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Removes face paints!

Toddler Apple Fragranced Toilet Wipes

Specially formulated to provide mild but effective cleaning for small bottoms, these Tesco Loves Toddler Apple Fragranced Toilet Wipes are pleasantly scented wipes are the ideal size for little hands, making it easier for your tot to learn to wipe herself – an important part of the potty training journey. They are also dermatologically tested to be mild and gentle for delicate young skin.

  • Encourage your toddler to peel back the label and remove a wipe. 
  • To use, wipe bottom from front to back.
  • Reseal after use, to keep wipes moist.

Toddler Sensitive Toilet Wipes

Tesco Loves Baby Sensitive Toilet Wipes have all the effectiveness of Toddler Apple Fragranced Toilet Wipes, but are fragrance free for even gentler cleansing of delicate little bottoms.

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