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Hooray for Huggies!

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Pull-Ups are for big kids!

Huggies Pull-Ups put the fun into potty training. As soon as she shows signs she’s ready, you can start using Pull-Ups and Pull-Ups Night-Time. She’ll love the feeling of independence they give her – whenever she needs to use the potty, Pull-Ups are easy to pull down and up again, just like real underwear. Huggies Pull-Ups also have colourful Disney Cars and Princesses designs that fade when wet, so she can see and learn the difference between wet and dry. With easy-to-open sides, checking and changing her Pull-Ups is no problem – ideal for those inevitable occasions when she doesn’t quite make it to the potty in time.

Make a splash with Little Swimmers

Teaching your baby to swim has so many benefits. It’s great exercise and will help to keep her safe and confident around water, plus the feel of water against her skin help her senses to develop. Best of all, swimming is brilliant fun! Amazingly, younger babies are natural swimmers – when supported tummy side down in the water, they’ll hold their breath and open their eyes when submerged. To make the most of these natural responses, your tot can begin swimming lessons as young as six weeks. To keep the experience safe and hygienic, Huggies Little Swimmers swim pants are a must. Available in three sizes, they let your baby move freely and won’t leak or swell in the pool.

The truth about bedwetting – and how DryNites can help!

Although most children learn how to stay dry on their own, the time leading up to this can be stressful. A little one who is doing well at potty training and staying dry during the day may become upset and anxious if she wets the bed at night. If this happens to your child, you might be feeling worried, helpless and like you’re the only ones in this situation. The truth is that many other families will be dealing with the same issues – almost 10% of children aged four to 15 wet the bed at some stage. DryNites is your guiding light through the night, providing unbeatable overnight protection.

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