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Meet the Tesco Loves Baby Club experts

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At Tesco Loves Baby Club, we've always got experts on-hand to answer your questions and give you the advice you need to help your little one through tricky stages, such as weaning, potty training, and more. From midwives to nutritionists and child health experts, we rely on the best expertise in the industry. Here we introduce some of our trusted experts.

Annabel Karmel

Annabel is the UK's number one parenting author and expert on feeding babies and toddlers. The mum of three has written 27 best-selling recipe books and has more than 20 years of experience under her apron. From the days of when you're eating for two, to when your baby turns into a toddler and then into a big kid, Annabel has devised a range of easy, healthy recipes to suit yours, and your little ones' nutritional needs, without the need to spend hours in the kitchen! Splendid.

Dr Carol Cooper

Carol is a practising family doctor, and mum to three boys. She is also a medical journalist and author, writing about health and parenting. Doctor for The Sun newspaper, and teacher too, Carol also gives us the low-down on baby, toddler and mummy health - from pregnancy niggles to chickenpox and sniffles.

Anita Bean

Anita is a well-respected nutritionist, best-selling author and writer. From nutritious toddler lunchbox suggestions to small tweaks you can make for a healthier meal, Anita is bursting with ideas that you can easily put into practice at home. Anita helps us to see that healthy eating doesn't have to equal boring, plain meals. Excellent!

Zita West

As well as being a leading fertility and pregnancy expert, Zita is also a practicing midwife, acupuncturist and nutritional advisor. She also founded and runs the Zita West Clinic, London's most famous holistic fertility clinic. She is the author of nine books so is perfectly placed to give advice on all aspects of fertility and pregnancy.

Lyndel Costain

With over 20 years' experience in the health service and as an independent consultant, Lyndel is one of the best-known registered dietitians in the UK, who brings her passion for healthy eating to the Tesco Babyclub. From vitamin-packed fruit to calcium-rich yogurts, check out her tips for eating well during pregnancy and beyond.

Joanna Hall

Joanna is the UK's leading diet and movement specialist, and founder of Walkactive, which aims to help people get health, fitness and weight management results from walking. As the Tesco Loves Baby Club fitness expert, she'll have loads of advice and ideas for keeping you in tip-top condition.