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'Try shaping meat into a meatball that your son can eat with his fingers'

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My son won't eat meat

Q: My son is 20 months old and I am having trouble getting him to eat meat. He will pick it up and try it but then he spits it out. What can I do to get him to eat it and should I be worried that he isn't?


A: I am sorry to hear you are having problems getting your son to eat meat. This can often be because young children do not like the taste or texture of meat, finding it tough and dry. Meat is an essential part of a balanced diet, particularly red meat as it is a good source of protein and iron, so it is very important for meat to be part of your son's diet.

Try shaping meat into a meatball that your son can eat with his fingers. I really struggled to get my son to eat meat, so I combined chicken and apple to make a meatball and found he loved it. You could also try making a slow-cooked beef casserole with sweet root vegetables such as carrot and sweet potato. The process of slow cooking with lots of other yummy flavours makes the beef tender and delicious.

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