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Expert tip

Get some child-friendly chopsticks that are joined at the top – this makes it fun for your kids to pick up ‘dreaded’ vegetables!

Children’s nutrition expert and best-selling author Annabel Karmel answers your feeding questions.

AK: Annabel Karmel

My four-year-old wants everything puréed!

My daughter is four. Since she was a baby she didn’t like different textures, now she doesn’t eat veg or fruit unless blended! Any advice?

Imen Mnasria

AK: I would suggest trying some ethnic foods, like a teriyaki stir-fry with vegetables and noodles. You can even get some fun chopsticks that are joined at the top – this makes it fun for your child to pick up the ‘dreaded’ vegetables! You cannot go on puréeing forever!

How do I get my twins eating solid foods?

My twins are ten-months-old and won’t eat anything! They only drink bottles. Any advice?

Billie Ellis

AK: It is important to realise that milk does not provide the nutrients your little ones need after six months. Cut down on the amount of milk your babies are drinking so that they are hungrier for their solids. This bolognese sauce recipe  would be good as it would provide your baby with iron, which is very important.

How can I convince my child to use a cup?

My daughter won’t use cups for her juice. She is 19 months old and always wants juice – won’t drink water – and will only drink from a bottle. My health visitor says juice is bad for her… any advice?

Gemma Heyes

AK: Juice is bad in a bottle as sucking through a teat can cause the juice to stay on her teeth and cause tooth decay. I am afraid you will have to be firm and chuck the bottles away. Eventually she will get used to the cup. You could always start with a cup with a spout.

My weaning baby is taking less milk and refuses formula

My baby is five and a half months old and loves all food I have tried and is now eating three meals daily. He now only wants breast milk three to four times a day. Is this enough? Also, we have tried to wean him onto a bit of formula to give my husband and I a bit more freedom, but he point blank refuses it! Yet he happily takes water from a beaker with his meals.

Christiane Doey

AK: Your little one still needs 600ml a day. Maybe try using a different teat with the formula, one with a bigger hole. Obviously babies prefer the comfort of breast-feeding, but you will have to persevere.

My child won’t eat – full stop!

Any ideas on getting a two-and-a-half-year-old to eat? I’ve tried your books and everything else. I took her to a doctor who gave her a vitamin supplement. I have tried to reduce milk, wait until she asks for food etc. But she will just go all day on nothing!

Shauna Megennis

AK: Unfortunately I can’t wave a wand and get her to eat for you – although I would love to! All I can suggest is to try as many tasty foods as possible. I know it is hard but also try not to give her attention for not eating. Give lots of praise when she does try something new though. It is interesting that little ones stop making a fuss if you don’t give them the attention they seek!

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