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Mums' Choice Award Winners 2012

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Welcome to our Mums' Choice Awards 2012. Our Mums' Choice members have been busy testing everyday essentials from nappies and wipes to toiletries, cleaning products and baby food – each item being tested by around 400 members! They've carefully assessed each for its individual attributes (not measuring against other products), considered if they'd recommend it to a friend, and whether they'd switch to it from their current brand.

Our Awards

Once the results were in, an overall rating out of five was awarded, and Winner or Highly Commended status given to the products (see right).


This is given to the product that gained the highest scores from our testers overall, in each category.

Highly Commended

This tells you that the product on test achieved a score of 4 out of 5 or more overall, and that 80% or more would recommend it.

See the 2012 winning products

In our Mums' Choice Annual Awards Supplement, you can read what our Club members thought of the products they tested – there's nothing like real comments from real mums to reassure you you're on to a winner! Look out for the award-winning logos on packs in store as well as in our magazines and on our websites.

Click here to read our 2012 Mums' Choice Annual Awards Supplement.

Join Mums' Choice

All members of Tesco Loves Baby Club can become members of Mums' Choice. Then you can test products, answer surveys and even appear in our magazines or on our website. If you haven't already signed up to Tesco Babyclub, you can read more about the fantastic benefits here.