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Trick or treating with a toddler

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It’s Halloween soon and you might be thinking of taking your little one out trick or treating… so here are some top tips to make it fun and not frightening!

Scarily good tips for a spook-tacular Halloween

  • The right costume – cute though it might be to dress your little one as a mummy (the Egyptian kind, not you!), think about getting them out of it quickly if they need the potty or the loo! Also, it’s October so make sure you can pop a top underneath in case it gets too chilly. And don’t forget comfy shoes (for you as well as them!)
  • Time it right – you don’t have to wait until nighttime to go trick or treating. Around 4pm is good as it’s getting dark but still too early for the bigger kids (and their scarier costumes) to be out and about. Plus you’ll all be back home before bathtime.
  • Keep it short – toddlers get tired quickly so bank on visiting just a few houses to give your little one a taste of the Halloween experience without overwhelming him. It might be a good idea to bring your buggy with you, just in case it all gets too much!
  • Limit the sweets – make sure you only go out once your child has been fed, so they don’t want to snack on the sweets and chocolate they get. Once you get home, have fun counting all the goodies then let them have one or two and put the rest away for another time.
  • Stay safe – only visit houses where you know you’ll be welcome (many areas have a system where if there’s a lit pumpkin outside the house, this means they’d love you to knock, while no pumpkin means please don’t bother us). The best bet at this age is to just visit your friends and close neighbours so your toddler recognises them when they open the door – much more fun!
  • And finally – nothing beats talking to your child about what to expect on Halloween. Explain that when they’re out and about they might hear some loud noises or people who pop out and say ‘Boo!’.  Tell them that may also see some people in scary masks but they are just masks, and that this is all just fun and nothing at all to worry about. Reassure them that you’ll be with them at all times and that they can come home any time they want. Happy Halloween!