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Baby expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith answers your questions on sleeping, naps and night feeds

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We had a great Twitter chat with baby and toddler expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith. Lots of you sent in questions and sleep was definitely the hottest topic – you asked about self-settling, bedtime feeds, night weaning, naps and more. If you missed it at the time, read on for our round-up of the top questions and answers.

Why has my five-month-old baby randomly started waking every two hours during the night? I'm so tired!

Don’t worry, it’s normal. There’s a big development spurt at this stage that usually passes by six months.

How can I get my 11-month-old baby to sleep without having to rock him? He has a blanket that he snuggles and sleeps with but because he stands in the cot he just bangs about and cries.

Babies of that age sometimes panic when they’re separated from you. Reassure them with triggers that will remind them of you, like an item of your clothing. You can also try other sensory cues such as music and massage.

My six-week-old baby won't sleep in her cot, day or night. She sleeps on top of me during the day and in my bed at night. Do you have any tips?

While in your uterus, your baby feels secure and the sound of your heartbeat comforts her. Being in your arms with familiar sounds comforts them. By 12 weeks most babies are much better at coping so invest in a sling or baby carrier if you need to give your arms a rest! The average age for independence is three. If you give her what she needs now, she'll become more independent as a toddler.

Should I try to get my son, aged three and a half, dry at night? He holds it in all night but goes in his nappy when he wakes.

Three and a half is fairly young to be night-trained but the dry nappies suggest he’s capable. Find out more about potty training tips

My 20-month-old baby still has at least one breastfeed a night and is not fed to sleep. Any suggestions for gentle night weaning?

Some people believe that if you never offer but never refuse the breast, that will help.

My 30-week-old little one still doesn't sleep through the night. She can't seem to get herself back to sleep without a bottle.

At 30 weeks, the brain isn't developed enough to self-settle. They still need our help. If the bottle gives her comfort, don't worry. Night can be scary for babies, just like it can be for adults, so it's common they want our reassurance at night.

My little one won’t go to sleep without playing with my hair and can take up to two hours to fall asleep. Any suggestions?

Find something with a similar texture, like a cloth, and get him to stroke that instead while you are trying to settle him. Read our top 10 tips for a good night’s sleep

Can you please give me some tips to help my 17-month-old baby self-settle?

Self-settling is a neurological skill that will happen naturally. Being there for them now will help their confidence to develop.

My 12-week-old baby is still up four or more times a night. Do I need to reduce napping throughout the day? I’m breastfeeding on demand.

It's normal for a 12-week-old baby so keep doing what you're doing. There's a growth spurt at this age that makes them feed more too.

When my nine-month-old baby stirs at night, I pick him up and breastfeed him in case he wakes anyone else! Should I leave him?

If you're happy doing this and it's working for your family, then keep going and he'll stop when he's ready. Find out about the best foods for breastfeeding

I’m breastfeeding my 10-month-old baby. She has supper at 7.30pm and  wakes every hour and a half for a feed at night. Are we just unlucky or is there anything we can do?

There's no single answer. What happens during the day will impact her sleeping patterns. If you’re exhausted, try cuddling before feeding or ask dad to take over for a few nights.