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Dr Carol Cooper answers your baby health questions

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Our baby health expert Dr Carol Cooper took part in a Twitter chat with Tesco Loves Baby Club members. You had lots of great baby health questions – see below for our round-up of the best.

What’s the best way to treat baby eczema? It gets worse in hot weather.

Always dry skin thoroughly. Apply plenty of emollient and see your GP if it gets worse or if it cracks, weeps or is very itchy.

I have had a sickness bug. When is it safe for me to be with my very young baby again?

In most cases, 72 hours is enough. Check with your health visitor or GP if you’re concerned.

I have a nine-month-old boy who won’t drink water. Do you have any suggestions? He is on a first-stage cup.

If he drinks juice, try gradually diluting what you give him so eventually it’s just water. In summer he may get thirstier so keep water on offer but don’t force him to drink. He may do better with a different cup.

How can I tell if my baby is ill?

Use your instinct. False alarms are normal but these will reduce with time. Read more about baby health worries here

I’m so scared of cutting my baby’s fingernails! Will I hurt her?

Some parents are worried about cutting their baby's fingernails at first, and fear that the jagged edges this leaves will mean the baby can scratch herself. The best advice is to learn how to use baby scissors – and take it gently. Make sure you carefully clip off any sharp or jagged edges from her nails. Don't worry: cutting your baby's nails really won't hurt your baby at all. Ask your health visitor for help if you are still too nervous.

Should I take my baby for her jabs when she has the sniffles?

You should delay injections if your baby is feverish or unwell in herself but if it’s just a runny nose, she can go for her jabs.

My one-year-old daughter’s teething. She’s still drinking milk but won’t eat much at all. What could we do or try?

Try discussing this with your health visitor. Your baby may not be hungry if she’s having a lot of milk. Try her on finger foods like toast. Read more about teething here

How do I know if my baby is the right weight for his age?

Babies vary in weight and the rate they gain it. Your baby may be bigger or smaller than your friends’ babies. Your health visitor can weigh and measure your baby and advise whether he’s on the right centile curve.

What’s the deal with follow-on milk? My health visitor says it’s not needed but it seems to have more vitamin D and iron – surely that’s good?

Generations have lived without follow-on milk. However, nutritionally, it is better for babies aged 6-12 months. Cows’ milk should not be your baby’s main drink until her first birthday.

How can I get a stubborn 13-week-old to take a bottle? I’ve been trying for four weeks!

It can be harder to get a baby to bottle-feed from six weeks as they prefer the nipple. Try to get someone else to give your baby a bottle – they may be more successful, especially if you’re not in the room. Your health visitor can tell you more.