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Our Christmas survey!

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The results are in! Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our Mums’ Choice Christmas survey – we loved reading your responses, especially your touching and funny Christmas gift stories (although a worrying number of you have been given rubber gloves as presents!)

There’s going to be a lot of happy little faces this Christmas – according to our survey, over 50% of you plan to spend more than £60 on each of your children. However, you won’t be spending as much on your partner – 40% of you said you would only spend between £20-60 on him!

When it comes to presents for your baby or toddler, it’s all about fun! You’re most likely to buy games, educational toys or soft toys for your little ones. Your partner can expect traditional gifts such as aftershave or grooming products, although 20% of you said you’ll be buying video games – great news for all the Xbox fans out there! And as for presents for yourself, well, you’re a traditional lot! Just over 40% of you said you’d most like to receive clothes or jewellery, although 13% said you were holding out for a holiday – and who wouldn’t like a week on the beach right now?

Finally, we were thrilled to hear that a massive 83% of you will be shopping for Christmas gifts in Tesco, with 77% saying you’ll shop online at We’re absolutely delighted that we’re your number one, so we want to say a huge thanks to you! And if you’re one of the 29% who haven’t started your shopping yet, you can check out our Christmas gifts here

Your best and worst Christmas presents

For our first Christmas as husband and wife, my husband bought me a saucepan. It was a very good saucepan but my husband’s excuse was that he thought I liked saucepans. Ha!

My best gift was last year was when I finished chemotherapy on December 21 and was able to eat Christmas dinner with my family. And the worst gift? Slippers from a friend at work – they had already been worn!

The best present I have ever had was an engagement ring from my partner. And the worst was granny knickers from my mum – she said I had to wear sensible underwear as I was a mother now!

My best Christmas gift was six years ago, when I found out I was expecting my first baby. My worst gift was from my mum – she gave me cheese sticks. Well, I like cheese but not as a Christmas present! It was tasty though.

Getting engaged was my best present! I’d had a horrible year, with my mum being diagnosed with a brain tumour and my newborn ending up in the special care unit, and it tested our relationship. Getting engaged proved we can get through anything. My worst gift was lavender soaps – I was 24, not 94!

My daughter was born on 23 December 2007 – best present ever! And my worst gift was trashy red underwear… that I opened in front of my parents!

My best present was a massive box of LEGO that my brother and I were given as kids. It gave us years of entertainment and now our children play with it. My worst present was a pair of rubber gloves from my boyfriend, who thought I loved washing up. I married him and after intensive coaching he has improved his present buying!