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Update: Annabel Karmel's Twitter chat on Monday 24 June has been postponed. Please see below for more details.

Not sure how to prepare for birth? Worried about your new baby’s sniffles? Got a tricky weaning question? Let the Tesco Loves Baby Club experts help you. Between 10 June and 2 July, you can put your questions directly to some of the most respected pregnancy and childcare experts in their fields…

Zita West

Zita West is a trusted expert on getting pregnant, enjoying your pregnancy and delivering a healthy, happy baby. With decades of experience as a midwife, acupuncturist and nutritional adviser, it’s no surprise she has a loyal following of celebrity clients. A mother of two, Zita has written nine books on fertility and pregnancy and her west London clinic combines cutting-edge medical technology with a holistic approach.


Zita will be answering your questions on preparing to meet your newborn. Join her Twitter chat at 11am on Friday 14 June.

Dr Carol Cooper

A GP, medical journalist and broadcaster with three grown-up sons, Dr Carol Cooper has a wealth of experience in child and family medicine. She’s the author of Twins & Multiple Births, among other titles, and regularly appears on TV and radio to discuss topical issues. She’s also the resident doctor at The Sun.


Carol will be helping you with questions about your new baby’s heath. Get involved in her Twitter chat at 3pm on Thursday 20 June.

Annabel Karmel

Whether it’s weaning, fussy eaters or how to eat well in pregnancy, Annabel Karmel MBE knows it all. A mum of three with 20 years’ experience under her apron, Annabel is the UK’s bestselling author on child nutrition and an expert at devising quick, easy and healthy meals your little ones will love.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Annabel Karmel’s Twitter chat on Monday 24 June has been postponed. Please bear with us and we’ll update you as soon as possible.