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Weaning expert Annabel Karmel answers your questions

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We held a Twitter chat with weaning and baby nutrition expert Annabel Karmel – and so many of you sent in questions! Here’s our round-up of the best.

Can you suggest easy meals that we can cook for ourselves and our nine-month-old, rather than having to do separate meals?

You could do a bolognese or chicken casserole – just leave out the seasoning. Well-cooked scrambled eggs are also good.

My son is a year old and is very lazy with finger foods. What can I do to encourage him to put food in his mouth and not on the floor?

Tie a dried apple ring to the side of the high chair so you can recycle it! Read more clever weaning tips

What can I feed a six-month-old baby with acid reflux? Acidic foods like fruit make her cry in pain afterwards.

Giving her solid foods will help with acid reflux. Just avoid acidic things like tomatoes, strawberries and citric fruits.

My six-month-old is on purée and has always been fine until recently but is now spitting out every mouthful. Why might this be?

It seems odd if you haven’t changed recipes. Make sure the texture is smooth. Stick to naturally sweet purées like fruit and sweet root vegetables for a while. Talk to your doctor if this continues. 

At what age can I introduce finger foods? I have seven-month-old twins so I’m keen to get them feeding themselves soon.

You can introduce soft finger foods now. Try things like soft steamed carrots, fingers of toast or soft fruits. Sometimes larger pieces are easier for babies to hold. Find out more about introducing finger foods

Can babies have meat substitutes such as Quorn? My daughter is 10 months old.

You should not give a baby Quorn before nine months. A baby’s diet should contain lots of calories and nutrients. As Quorn doesn’t contain many calories, it should only make up a small part of your baby’s diet.

My six-month-old has a bottle in the morning followed by rice, a bottle at lunch followed by fruit, a bottle in the afternoon, at dinner and one before bed – is this right?

That’s fine. Milk is still an important food but from six months you need to start introducing iron-rich foods such as red meat and lentils. Find out why babies need iron

I have just introduced my six-month-old to lunch. Do you have any tips on giving a good variety of foods at mealtimes?

I would suggest introducing new foods at lunchtime, so if it does upset them you won’t get a disturbed night. Read more about first foods

Do you have any healthy, quick and easy snack ideas for when we’re on the move?

Banana mini muffins are great. You can also try dried apricots, mini cheeses and if your baby is over 12 months, try my delicious snack range.

Can you give me some tips for getting a two-year-old to eat her veggies? I am trying everything but no luck!

I make delicious broccoli and sweetcorn fritters. Stir-fries are good with a teriyaki sauce, as are crudités with tasty dips. And try things she can hold in her hands like halved corn on the cob.

My little one is three months old. I’ve never used anything from your range but I’m keen to introduce a good variety of foods soon. Do you have any suggestions?

I’m about to launch a delicious new range of baby purées, out on August 19. See Annabel’s range at