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Our health visitor answers your questions

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You put your questions about nappy changing, potty training and baby health to our health visitor Kate Daymond in our live Twitter chat. Here’s a quick round up of what you asked.

1. My daughter won't sit on her potty

Q: Every time I sit my daughter on her potty she hates it and gets back up. I can’t seem to get started with potty training. Help please! Sam

A: Take the pressure off and allow her to use the potty in play e.g. as a castle for dolls etc, to get her familiar to it. Find out more information on potty training your toddler.

2. My baby poos once a day, is this normal?

Q: My baby has a number two once or twice a day. Is this normal? She's six months old and breastfed. #pooptalk Louise

A: Yes this is normal. It may change as she eats more solids, though.

3. When's best to potty train?

Q: At what age would you say is the best time to potty train? Paula

A: When they are showing signs of knowing a wee/poo is on its way. Find out more signs that your child is ready to be potty trained.

4. My child only wees in her nappy

Q: I am trying to potty train my 23 month old. She’s had no accidents but she holds wee in until she has a nappy on for bed. What can I do?

A: Does she know when she needs a wee? Keep a potty nearby. It maybe too soon to potty train. Is she showing signs she's ready for potty training?

5. 8-week old baby doesn't go much

Q: My baby is nearly eight weeks old and only goes once every four to six days. Is this normal?

A: This is completely normal, especially if you are breastfeeding.

6. My daughter won't poo in her potty

Q: I’m on day 8 of potty training and my daughter will still not poo in her potty. She has no problem using it for wee though. What shall I do? Laura

A: Keep calm and let her watch others to make it less scary; reading books like Princess Polly's Potty may help.

7. My toddler holds poo in

Q: My two-year-old is uncomfortable when pooing, keeps holding it in and getting a bad tummy. How do I reassure him? Pamela

A: Reassure him by keeping calm. He may be constipated or have diarrhoea and either will be scary for him. Find out the signs that your toddler may be constipated, and what to do about it. To rebuild his confidence, be patient stay calm and see your health visitor if there's no improvement.

For constipation, my health visitor advised one part prune juice to three parts water, works a treat - Jo. Boiled water that has been cooled helps with constipation, too - Kirsty.

8. I think my child is constipated

Q: I’m using Aptamil formula milk for constipation, yet my five week old only has a bowel movement every three days and struggles. Shona

A: If poo is soft it's ok. If it’s hard with small lumps then offer cool boiled water in sterile bottle between feeds. We’d advise you talk to doctor at your six-week check.

9. When shall I set a bedtime routine?

Q: What age is best to set a bedtime routine for babies? I bottle feed my five-week old and he falls asleep during his feed. Emma

A: Get into a routine when you feel ready. By 12 weeks try to separate feeds from sleep for good sleeping habits

10. My son hates to poo

Q: My son is three and a half and hates going for a number two. He holds it in as long as he can so it hurts for him to go to the toilet Kim

A: He may be scared that it'll be painful. Give him fruit and vegetables to avoid constipation, reassure him it's normal and use reward charts. Find out more about constipation. There are also some great potty training books available.