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Mums’ top activity ideas for Easter

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Real mum's tip

Colour code your eggs


“We will have an Easter egg hunt around the garden for my son, his cousins and friends. We give each child a different colour egg to find, so one child doesn't get more than another.”

Sarah Bradley-Smith, mum to Dexter, 10 months


If you’re on the hunt for ideas on what to do with your little ones this Easter, look no further. Our Club members will give you all the inspiration you need…

Get together with loved ones

“We have a big family get-together at my mums. She cooks a roast dinner, and after lunch the children have Easter egg races down the big hill in her garden. It’s great fun for all!”

Marie Brassington, mum to Toby, 20 months

Put out baskets for the Easter bunny

“On the eve of Easter Sunday, the children leave out their Easter baskets for the Easter bunny. Last year, my then 3 year old also left out her dummy in her basket, for the Easter bunny to take away! It worked a treat, she was happy to trade her dummy for a basket full of fun. This year I intend to try this trick for my two-year-old to stop him using his dummy! On Easter morning, the kids each have a basket to explore with some fun treats, games and little toys. We go to church in the morning and then after lunch we decorate hard-boiled eggs by soaking them in vinegar and drawing on them using coloured pens. We then hide them and some chocolate eggs in the garden (weather permitting) and the kids have a blast searching for them!”

Sarah Allan, mum to Felicity, 4 and Finlay, 2

Do some baking

“We will be making cakes with chick and rabbit decorations, and we’ll put up decorations in the house. We also do an egg hunt in garden or house, dress up and do Easter-themed arts and crafts.”

Stacey Ann Hutchins, mum to Jack, 18 months

Have an egg hunt

“We have an Easter egg hunt for our oldest child, with lots of eggs hidden around the garden. For our youngest child, we will be buying Easter-style clothes so he is not left out. We have a nice roast dinner followed by lots of chocolate, and telephone calls to family and friends as we live away from everyone.”

Katy Hughes, mum to Meghanne, 8 and Huw, 4 months

Make handmade gifts

“Me and my daughter decided that this year we’d make surprise Easter boxes full of choccies for everyone. We will decorate the boxes with stickers then fill them with chocolates, homemade cookies and cakes.”

Jenna Pflug, mum to Ella, 2

Go and watch a parade

“Our town has a great Easter parade so I’ll be taking the boys to that! Last year they had balloon making, and little egg games. We will also let our son eat what he likes, but it’s a one-off day!”

Zoe Stratford, mum to Austin, 1 and Dawson, 12 weeks

Decorate paper eggs

“We always get into the Easter celebration by getting the kids to draw egg shapes on paper, cut them out and decorate them with glitter and feathers etc. We then hide them all round the garden, and they have to hunt for them. When they find all their eggs, they get a chocolate one! Loved by all my kids aged nine, seven, and my two-year old twins!”

Louise Grindey, mum to Mia, 9, Lily, 7 and Kaiya and Jodi, both 2

Make some cards

“My little boy is 12 months old, so we might make some Easter cards using his painted handprint.”

Alyson Gough, mum to Jac, 12 months

Get some non-chocolaty treats

“We'll keep it quiet with lunch at grandma's and a play in the park. I have a feeling my daughter still has Christmas chocolate left over so I'll buy her clothes or a toy instead of an egg this year.”
Claire, mum to Willow, 14 months

Stay indoors

“I’ll be making cookies shaped like bunnies with the kids, and decorating the house with Easter drawings.”

Jennifer Van Der Eijk, mum to Alicia Brooke, 14 months and step mum to Catherine, 12; Rachel, 10; Daniel, 5