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Meet our July Baby of the Month!

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Calling all parents!

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Baby’s name: Orla O’Donnell

Baby’s date of birth: 03/12/2013

Parents’ names: Johnty and Lucie O'Donnell

From: Shropshire

Our baby loves

  • Water – she adores bathtime, swimming and playing in the paddling pool in summer
  • Music – whether booty-shaking bass or classical, Orla loves her tunes
  • Food – since discovering ‘big girl’ food there is no stopping her and we are yet to find anything she doesn't like!

Our baby doesn’t like

  • Having her face wiped after getting messy
  • She also doesn't like missing out on anything
  • But most of all, she hates going to sleep! We joke that she's the Duracell Bunny of babies

Our baby’s favourite book

Our baby’s favourite toy

We can’t live without