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The story of Baby Club

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When Tesco launched the nation's first Baby & Toddler Club 15 years ago, it was a completely original idea. Parents flocked to join and within the first two years 37% of UK parents-to-be had signed up, excited by what the club had to offer.

The Club has evolved over the years, but continues to stick firmly to its founding principle – to support pregnant women, parents and carers through the highs and lows of parenting by offering information and great value to help make their hectic lives a little bit easier.

When the Baby & Toddler Club website arrived 10 years later in 2007, it was in response to demand from parents for a convenient online presence, available 24 hours a day. Now that more busy parents than ever rely on computers, smartphones and tablets to run their lives and gather information, the Club is changing once again with an improved website, a cute new look and feel, a tailored email programme, and even a new name - Tesco Loves Baby Club.

We hope you enjoy exploring our bright and informative new-look website: it's just the first step on a programme of improvements that we think you will really enjoy.

For further information on the new Tesco Loves Baby brand, please take a look at Introducing Tesco Loves Baby. You can also find out how Tesco Loves Baby is supporting the charity Bliss – which works to provide the best possible care and support for all premature and sick babies and their families – by going to Bliss and Tesco Loves Baby. It's another innovation that we're very excited about and that we hope you'll also be keen to support. Here's to the Babyclub of the future!

From the Tesco Loves Baby Club Team