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Your safety essentials checklist

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Download the safety essentials checklist

Our handy list has all the essentials you could possibly need. Print it out, stick it on the fridge and cross off items as and when. Download the checklist here

It’s so exciting when your little one starts getting more active and taking an interest in the world. But it also means that accidents are waiting to happen! Until you grow eyes in the back of your head, use our handy checklist to tick off safety essentials. You can also download it and print it off – perfect for taking to the supermarket or sticking on the fridge.

General safety

In the car

In the bathroom

Other things to consider

  • Bathroom tap locks – many a parent has a ‘flooded bathroom’ story!
  • Furniture straps – great for securing heavy items
  • Hob guard – extra protection against burns and scalds
  • Glass safety film – a smart idea for glass-fronted cabinets
  • Fire guard – if you have an open fire or stove, this is essential
  • Oven knob covers – anything that turns and twists is fascinating!
  • Blind cord shortener – loose cords can be a suffocation risk
  • Socket covers – choose from lots of smart designs

Your first aid kit

One last thing…

  • Lots of kisses for bumped heads, cut fingers and scraped knees!

Sensible safety tips

  • Check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors regularly
  • Remember young children can choke on small objects
  • Window blind cords are a suffocation risk – shorten or tie them up.
  • Make sure little ones can’t reach saucepan handles and hot drinks
  • Never leave babies and tots under five alone in the bath

Smart safety