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Supermarket shopping made easy

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Tesco understands that now you have a baby, you need a little extra help with your weekly supermarket shop

Be prepared for a nappy change

It's a good idea to take your change bag when you head out for your weekly grocery shopping. But don't panic if you do forget it - you're in the perfect place to stock up! Head to the baby aisle, where you'll find great offers on nappies and wipes, plus soothers, bottles and weaning kit galore.

Baby friendly stores

To make your shopping trip the best possible, our staff will guide you to any products you can't find, and help pack your bags. We've got trolleys for newborns, twins and siblings, and wide aisles too.

Time it right

Make the most of being around during the day - you can avoid the lunchtime rush and weekend crowds. Try to do your supermarket shop when your baby won't be hungry, and just after a nappy change.

Easy parking for parents

Tesco has dedicated parking spaces for parents with babies and toddlers, which are wider than normal and nearer to the store, making it easier for you to get your children in and out of your car. Tesco Loves Baby Club members receive a free parents' parking permit as part of the first mailing. If you're not already a member, find out more and join here.

Grocery shopping online

If you can't get to the supermarket, just shop online - it will save you time and it's stress-free! After you first online order at Tesco, your buys will appear under "Favourites" along with special offers on your regular purchases - next time you shop simply choose your "Favourites" from your list to make ordering online even quicker. And don't forget Tesco direct for larger baby purchases, from pushchairs and highchairs to cots, changing units and everything else you'll need to complete your baby's nursery.




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