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Your baby is on the move!

Don't forget!

Don't forget to stock up on Tesco Loves Baby Pure Newborn or Ultra Soft baby wipes! They make short work of getting your baby clean, gently.

Before you know it, your baby will be holding his head up to have a good look around, doing mini push-ups on his play mat and rolling over. As he approaches seven months, he'll probably start to crawl - or maybe bottom shuffle - too*! One way or another, your baby will soon be on the move, and you need to get prepared.

This doesn't just mean getting your camera ready to capture that next milestone - it also means rethinking your little one's nappy requirements. Switching to a nappy designed to cope with lots of activity, without getting in his way, is essential. And Tesco's new and improved nappy range is designed by experts to do just this, but without compromising absorbency or comfort.


These nappies tick all the right boxes for babies who are on the move - whether it's stretching, rolling and kicking, or crawling and eventually walking. Developed to deliver superb four-way flex at the sides, between the legs and at the inner and outer leg cuffs, Super Fit mould securely yet comfortably to your baby's body. Made with an ‘aqui fast' dry zone to lock in wetness and using baby-soft materials, you can be sure your baby stays happy and secure no matter what he gets up to.


Keep your little one dry day and night with these hard-working nappies. With their super-absorbent core, and extra-dry layer to lock in wee and runny poo, they'll protect your baby's sensitive skin and help keep his little bottom peachy. Made with baby-soft materials and stretchy sides ensure a snug and comfortable fit, Ultra Dry are an excellent everyday choice.

*All babies develop at different rates. If you are concerned about your baby's development, consult your GP or health visitor.

Change-time essentials

  • Super Fit Nappies
    Ultra Dry Nappies
    Pure Newborn Wipes
    Ultra Soft Fragrance Free Wipes
  • Stretchy but secure

    Hardworking nappies

    Great at any age!


  • Super Fit Nappies

    Ultra Dry Nappies

    Newborn Wipes

    Ultra Soft Fragrance Free Wipes