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“Bottle-feeding suits us”

 “Bottle-feeding suits us. It’s reassuring to know how much milk Erin is taking, and I’m less stressed about returning to work, as I don’t have to get her off the boob and onto bottles first.”

Avril Taylor, 28, mum to Erin, five months

”For us, mixed feeding is the best of both worlds”

”It gives me a little more freedom, but Jen-Mei is still getting the health benefits of breastfeeding. I’m planning to carry on for the time being.”

Irene Smith, 36, mum to 10-week-old Jen-Mei

“I breastfed for five months”

“But I do find it less tiring now my husband can share the feeding. It’s nice for him, too – it helps him to feel involved. But I wish I’d kept one breastfeed a day – I loved the closeness.”

Melanie Phelps, 28, mum to Cormack, eight months