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With more delicious flavours to choose from, HiPP Organic’s handy pouches are here to take your baby’s taste buds on a very special journey.

Babies grow so fast that before you know it, it’s time for their first adventures in food. HiPP Organic has 60 years’ experience of using organic ingredients to create tasty, healthy food that’s perfect for your little one.

Welcome to a world of difference

HiPP Organic’s baby food is as delicious and natural as possible. That means hand-selected fruit and veg, grown in fields where wildlife like ladybirds and hedgehogs – nature’s best pest control – flourish. And all water is pure and fresh, straight from HiPP Organic’s own well.

Start with our smooth and mild stage one pouches, such as Sweet Squash, Sweetcorn and Peas or Peaches & Baby Rice to give your baby a first taste of real food. Then, when they’re ready for new discoveries, try our marvellous range stage two pouches, including Hearty Cottage Pie and Mediterranean Vegetable Spaghetti.

As well as coming in handy pouches, all the savoury recipes contain a natural source of omega-3 for brain and nervous tissue development and little lumps so your baby can experience their first chewing challenge!

Maybe fruity Plum, Pear and Blackcurrant will be your baby’s favourite, or perhaps fresh Carrot, Mango and Banana will tickle those tiny taste buds. Wherever your little one’s weaning journey takes them, don’t set off without HiPP Organic.

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